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Led by Pharma-Friendly Rep. Richard Neal, Democrats Crush Progressive Amendments to Signature Drug Pricing Bill

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/24/led-pharma-friendly-rep-richard-neal-democrats-crush-progressive-amendments

Pelosi really needs to go if we are to move in a progressive way.


Money in politics really needs to go if we are to move in a progressive way.

Fixed it for you, no need to thank me.


Lobbying as we know it needs to go as well. We need laws written by and for the people not by big law firms and the corporations they represent.


It should cover Any and All prescription medications no matter what they are or who takes them. A big blanket covering everything period or it’s just another scam. One of my inhalers, as an example, costs almost $350.00 retail, will it be covered? No because it is in common usage and with more pollution from the EPA it will be in even more demand. We are being screwed once again. Thanks richard and nancy and no, they do not deserve to be capitalized letters.


This is what a real reform program looks like, not the weak horsesh*t the Dems here put up.


Capitalism at it’s worst. Bush’s no price negotiating pharma plan was like the short change deal we got with the ACA. The capitalists and their greed make Americans suffer unnecessarily.
I would rather suffer any ills from a totally socialist country than the survival of the fittest, capitalistic greed machine ruling our lives.
Further more It’s still my position that our drugs and drug pricing should be operated by our already paid for government labs, and possibly attached to our M4ALL plan as an all in one healthcare policy.


Neal & Pelosi: who didn’t see this coming?
Since most generic prescription drugs are made in China or India and, most run-of-the-mill political sausage is made in a Swamp, why does their cost go up 12-18% a year?
For the real cost of a shit sandwich a person only needs a loaf of bread and the patience it takes to make a suitable selection at the nearest neighborhood dog park.
Just stock up on latex gloves and, plastic forks and knives of course, and you beggars should be good to go.
Next topic: Turning the elderly into Soylent Green. Should this source of protein be added to the Food Pyramid? Discuss amongst yourselves.


the big reason why the damn dems are terrified by MEDICARE FOR ALL. They have no shame and Cory Booker is one of the biggest takers of big Pharma money as well. In 2017, 17 damn dems held their hands out and took money from big Pharma. shame on them all. GO BERNIE AND AOC and all those who stand up for us and support MEDICARE FOR ALL!


Is it just me, or is Richard Neal another guy that, if you stare at him too long, you just want to roll up your fist and pound his face into hamburger?

He looks like a tool, and that’s fortunate because he is one.

And yes, the democrats are about to sell out the middle and lower classes again, and just before the primary season starts. It has to be part of a conspiracy, nobody is this fucking dumb,


This is yet another example of Nancy P’Loser doing the bidding of her korporate owners,
and of why she needs to be primaried and forcibly retired.

P’Loser shielded the War Criminals and Banksters from being held accountable back in 2009, and she has been a stalwart Korporate Stooge every day for the past ten years – even dragging her feet on the impeachment of the biggest Korporate Stooge in History until forced by the facts to acquiesce.  It’s too bad she can’t be Impeached as being Unfit for Office herself, but at least she can be challenged in the Primary . . .


Ah, yes, long live the corrupt-to-the-core, criminal plutocratic duopoly.

The lesser of two evils, right down the ticket.

With the temptation to rephrase that to say the equally two evils.


How about we take their healthcare away and reduce their salaries to the current Federal Wage level?


The Democratic Party is not a progressive party. NO matter how many progressive sneak by the DNC. The Donor class power of the Democratic Party is set against true progressives. Their policies are nearly as and sometimes just as repellent.


And there you have it. The power of money spread-around and the demands of predatory corporate interests preying on the public and most vulnerable.

There will never be any fucking change from these scum sellouts!

But let’s all vote blue no matter who!!

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I like this idea A Lot :-))) Thanks.

With such tepid resistance from the likes of Doggett and “advocacy organizations”, Big Pharma has little to fret over, and a lot to profit off of.

Hi reader321:
Oh I think Nancy Pelosi is channeling Alice in Wonderland…“One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small.” She’s figuring on the money–and not the deaths of those who can’t afford the pills.
Mr. Neal looks like he is in need of being given M&Ms candies when he craves a pharma fix----keep him away from the meds and their soulless sellers!

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Hi Mr. Tuttle:
I agree, I ask people to remember that the letters DNC seems to have created another name—which is now–Do Nothing Corportists!

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