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Led by Sanders, Democratic Lawmakers Demand End to 'Starvation Wages' at Disney Workers


Led by Sanders, Democratic Lawmakers Demand End to 'Starvation Wages' at Disney Workers

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As the U.S. Supreme Court decimated the power of public sector unions on Wednesday, labor groups continued to negotiate with Disney—one of the world's wealthiest media companies—on behalf of thousands of theme park workers, and nearly two dozen Democrats in Congress, led by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), called on chief executive Bog Iger to stop paying employees "starvation wages."


With all due respect, LOOK AT THE DISNEY CORPORATION in megamerger with… you cannot make this up… Fox.
Why are we not talking about entrainment (mindless addiction to propaganda) it gets YOU to pay for, multi million $ slave made sweatshop garbage it so proudly puts its logo on! Yuppers folks its the wallmart model where the “owners” make $11,000 / hour while the taxpayer pays for the employees food stamps, the forms for which the corporation so generously dishes out.


If you watch the old Mickey Mouse shows, they sing
“MIC—SEE you real soon----K-E-Y WHY” Because we love you—,
“M- O-U-S-E”. Time for an update: : )

M-I-C…(Mean icky -corporation) K-E-Y ( Killing Employees yearly)

M-O-U-S-E ( Mindlessly operating Under Secret Evilness)
Yeah, Mickey and Minnie always wearing gloves so you can’t track their evil doings. : 0


Yeah, Disneyland.

That’s important.


Boycott Disney!
Don’t go to the parks, or movies.

I meant Girlcott Disney, of course!


It’s a place to start. And after 6 years of employment there where I was evicted, struggled to pick up hours and rented rooms already filled just to survive - all while serving and greating “guests with a MF smile” - it’s a great place to start.