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Led by U.S. Weapons Makers, Global Arm Sales Soared in 2016: Analysis


Led by U.S. Weapons Makers, Global Arm Sales Soared in 2016: Analysis

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

With U.S. weapons companies claiming more than half of global sales, and despite five previous years of decline, arms producers around the world raked in $375 billion in profits

Navy aircrafts


And this is exactly why you should never vote Democrat or Republican.


The cancer is running so deep that this is what it takes to show “constant growth” being acceptably high. Otherwise, the system plays word and metrics games in order to be able to sidle up to your wallet and slip its fingers around whatever you’ve earned, and whatever social balance 2017 taxes go toward…


There is always money to be had for weapons to kill and maim yet funding the social safety net and taking care of those in need, protecting our environment, and shoring up our infrastructure is apparently does not even make the list for consideration. It is all about insatiable greed and bloodlust.


Yes, but when will the majority of the American citizens wake up and realize this truth before it is too late to rise up!


Just to add on to what Holygeezer has said here, if you have voted for a Democrat or a Republican, you have supported the proliferation of weaponry to terrorist countries like Israel and Saudi Arabia who use these weapons to kill innocent men, women, and children every day.

Their blood is on your hands.

Denial will never wash it off.

The only way to make amends is to educate yourself and your children to the destructive nature of the Duopoly and seek out a political party that puts People, Planet, and Peace over Profit.


Congratulations!! The US won a gold medal…Our Weapons Makers are first…/


How much profit per death? “f” ing blood money. Say what?
‘in the 1930s coming out of World War I was that it was so deplorable, so vile, the thought that people would make money off war, off this kind of people�s death and destruction and suffering, that they wanted to cut out war profits entirely. “ our principles as a people sure have changed since then.


When they are too weak from starvation while living under a bridge or in a derelict car and do not have the strength to protest…