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Left Twitter Responds With Viral #TooFarLeft Hashtag After Obama Counsels Dems to Tamp Down Progressive Ambitions

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/16/left-twitter-responds-viral-toofarleft-hashtag-after-obama-counsels-dems-tamp-down


Never before have so many people been so sold out.


You know what American’s didn’t want, Barry? Your right wing corporate health care scam, TPP and all the wars you started. But you pushed them, then a centrist lost and the clown you centrists lost to tore down your legacy. Centrism put Fascist Republicans in charge, Barry, how do you not see that? Denial?


Centrism meaning corrupted corporatists.


If our Founding Fathers, and Mothers saw how far our system of political representation has regressed, to the point that the very few possess most of the wealth, I am sure they’d be the first to cry out "Revolution!"


Obama’s owners have sent him out on a mission and that to ensure the 1 percent remain in charge and that a ever growing share of the wealth goes to them.

He does as he is paid to do. He has no concern whatsoever for the Climate or the plight of the poor.


Centrism is bullshit. You either believe in equality, or you don’t.


Obama and his stay to the center talk. I wish he would just stay silent. He almost never has anything to say about Trump. Cowering in the corner while everyone gets run over by the orange pulsate. Just comes out -to put down the ideas that the American public wants like Medicare for All. Just comes out to reassure his corporate dem buddies that we Americans want some more of the same “no progress” deals. Just comes out to put down progressives, and Bernie.


Stooge for the conservative ruling power elite sold us out worse then Jimmy Carter, worse then Bill Clinton, STFU.


Neither party’s establishment’s political agenda embraces centrist views, even though they claim to represent the people in their party.

Funny isn’t it how in 2016 Bernie Sanders was filling stadiums with those longing for someone to speak to their needs, and the Corporate Queen had trouble getting 2000 to attend her appearances.

We the People can not allow the same to happen now.

The Republican party is dying with the weight of the Orange Asshole sitting on it’s neck and choking it to death.

The Democrats have the opportunity to speak to the masses like they never have before and grab all three branches of government for decades, if they just tapped into their humanity, and put their addiction to the love of money aside.

Nah, just a dream.


Obama is a self described Republican pretending to be a Democrat.
He has said he admires Reagan, not FDR

Obama Tried to kill Social Security

  • The Intercept: Obama Wanted to Cut Social Security. Then Bernie Sanders Happened.
  • The Atlantic: Reality Check: Obama Cuts Social Security and Medicare by Much More Than the GOP

Fuck Obama


Obama would vote for Trump over Sanders, there is zero doubt. Go cluck yourself Consummate Con Man and your Corporate State Democrat cohorts.


Three cheers for Peter Daou,!
You NAILED it!

" I’d like to ONCE hear them complain America is too far right."

EXTREMELY good point! WHEN have we ever heard these people say that?


Dear Mr. Obama:
You have gone TOO FAR—and the People are LEFT behind—again.

You ,"coulda been a contender. " BUT you are just another empty suit in a dying republic. : (


Obama with his silver tongue, soulless eyes and drone strikes.

He really needs to fade into the background soon.


disgusting - he is the president who upon taking office gave all that dough to wall street and then put a commission together to emasculate our social network of social security and medicare. He was nothing but a shill for the elite and still is. ugh


Let us examine the “center”. In a common statistical analysis the center is what you have left when you eliminate the aberrant at both ends of a sample, say the five percent at either end. In the context of the modern Democratic Party, the “center” overwhelmingly wants single payer healthcare. Legal marijuana. Legal abortion. Higher taxes on the rich. A vibrant and aggressive regulatory regimen. Well funded PUBLIC schools. They want social security expanded, and oh yeah, they want global warming addressed, NOW.
Just remember, when self described “centrist” democrats start talking about fringe radicals what they really mean is they are Nixon republicans, and change frightens them, and their donor class.


Today’s quiz:

From Melanie D’Arrigo’s tweet:

“… telling a room of wealthy donors to support candidates that protect their wealth, which comes at the expense of helping everyday people, is…”

  1. …standard far-right policy.
  2. …a standard Joe Biden speech.
  3. …a standard HRC speech to Goldman Sachs.
  4. …a standard speech from Oreo the Reagan-loving Trojan horse.
  5. All of the above.

“motivated reasoning”

he does not see mr trump as a repudiation of his centerism, because to do so would be to acknowledge the failures of his own making.

and there is nothing that all the past and future presidents share more than the sociopathic tendency to be incapable of admitting to a mistake.


We as Leftists must put our money where our mouth is and get out and vote for Progressives who are primarying centrists all over the country. We MUST rid Congress of the pay for play system that is driving the corruption.