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Left Twitter Responds With Viral #TooFarLeft Hashtag After Obama Counsels Dems to Tamp Down Progressive Ambitions

The democrat neoliberal ‘Reelect Trump Committee’ at work using the same hot air as in 2016. All we need to win is adapt republican austerity policies? The next thing this moron will suggest is to bring Hillary in to lead the dems to victory!


Throwing the base under the bus is an Obama specialty. To dismiss M4A out of hand during this yet unfinished primary season–when candidates are working very hard to clarify ideas for Americans–demonstrates yet again what a colossal jerk Obama is–and always was.


The democrats created right wing America, and at the forefront of this extremist right wing drive were democrat presidents, Carter, Clinton, and Obama. Don;t make the mistake of believing he’s a progressive, or even being swayed by his right wing serving propaganda. Don’t believe in the Pelosi’s, Feinsteins, Schumers or the Bidens’ either. This particular lie comes from the: too big to fail bank bailout king; the Gitmo funding; public surveillance king; whistle-blower persecuting; drone assassination record holding, war mongering, insurance company subsidizing; Obama.


They only have themselves to blame. If they were paying attention, they would have known he was a fraud right from the start.


To be more exact, American politicians from both parties are too far right.


It’s about way more than voting. Leftists have to get off their asses and join the movement. Change must be fought for.


And now he wants to stop the one man who intends to deliver on all and more of what Obama promised.


Do not fear, Bernie’s here:


Agree. There are many ways to fight the corporate swamp.


Thus spoke the man to the right of Nixon.


As Bill Moyers aptly put it it was a career move for Obama.


What I have to say to obama et al is get the eff out of the way because we are coming for you and all your lies and broken promises.


Obama still managed to appoint the right wing epic prick Alan Simpson to head his Cat Food Commission and then was set to implement the Chained CPI before sufficient backlash made it politically unfeasible. This week, the news that Corporate State Democrats in the Senate effectively sabotaged Medicare for All, and made it virtually a given that Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid will be cut must have made Obama very very satisfied. Probably was inspired to go to an expensive restaurant to celebrate. I’m sure the multi-million dollar couple make a big splash wherever they go.


This ex prez’s type is covered well in the concluding part of this Latin American Studies excerpt (ignorance of life’s nuances);

Latin American Studies; issue 229, p 76, by Carys Hughes (excerpt)

In a growing body of literature, this approach has been characterized as a new constitutional model offering an alternative view of the relationship between state and society (Avila Santamarta, 2011; Colón Rios, 2012; Veriano Martinez, 2010; Wall, 2013; 2018). The new Latin American constitutionalism is based on an appeal to and operationalization of the democratic component within constitutional theory; constituent power. first introduced in the context of the French Revolution by Emmanuel Sieyes, the theory of constituent power distinguishes between “constituted power” (the state, its offices, institutions, and procedures) and “constituent power” (the people; the force that created the state and remains the ultimate source of its legitimacy). (Sewell, 1994) Sieyes argued that it was the people who had power over the structure and nature of the state. The theory became, as one historian put it, “a script for the revolution.” (Sewell, 1994: 53) and provided the theoretical basis for the creation of the national constituent assembly in July, 1789 that drew up the first written French constitution. Constituent power remains an important concept in liberal constitutional theory. The notion of an original “founding moment” when the state was created by the constituent power functions as the source of the legitimacy and authority for the ongoing constitutional order. However, after this founding moment, the constituted power is understood to have replaced the constituent power (Colón-Rios, 2012). In the new Latin American constitutionalism, the concept of constituent power is resurrected and employed by governments and theorists alike to explain and legitimate radical structural change through democratic politics.

p 77 "… the new Latin American constitutionalism envisions the potential for a more complicated, nuanced, and ultimately productive relationship between constituted and constituent power… Critics of the new Latin American constitutionalism who decry the abandonment of “established institutions”, … fail to capture the “dynamic interplay” between state and society, constituted and constituent power.


Wait for it…Hillarity’s making all the noises…sending out all over MSM Near-a Tan-dumb and Donna Brizzaro to sing praises…


When the gov’mint calls something “Defense,” it actually means “Offense” (not to mention, Offensive).

Obummer’s “Affordable Care Act” is a two-fer: neither “affordable” nor “care:” it requires all citizens to pay gov’mint-mandated health insurance premiums to private Korrupt Korporations, whose CEO’s walk away with $60-80 million Golden Parachutes, while nurses’ aides can’t afford bus-fare and so don’t show up to care for patients in hospitals, overburdening nurses and other caregivers. The ACA undermines actual “care.”


Autocratic Oligarchs – who needs 'em any more?


I always saw Barack as an Uncle Tom, and a skilled manipulator. He’s a very bright man and top law academic, so he knows what Empire his presidency served.
He could have gone down in history as a continuation of the progressive anti-war, anti-racism, pro-justice platform of MLK.
Instead, as he himself bragged, he could accurately be called a “moderate Republican.”
Barack is no Bernie. He failed us.
And his advice is poison.


amazes me how tone deaf obama is … / was … he still has no idea why he was elected president … it wasn’t b/c he was black … he offered hope after the most severe crash since 1929 and then did nothing about it … fuck me i don’t get


A million upvotes! Thanks.