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Leftist Candidate Surges in French Presidential Election


Leftist Candidate Surges in French Presidential Election

Nika Knight, staff writer

In a surprising twist in the French presidential election, leftist candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon is surging in the polls, raising the possibility of a run-off vote between the pro-worker and pro-immigrant candidate and his far-right rival Marine Le Pen.


I'm sensing a wave of genuine humanity sweeping across the Earth. The Powers That Be will have to do something very drastic, very soon.
Wait for it, 3,2,1.


Vive La France!

Bernie 2020!


Great platform, especially the part about confiscating personal wealth over 400 thousand Euros/yr. Too much personal wealth concentrates the power that produces oligarchy dictatorship. Share the excess equally among all. Don't give it to politicians to spend.

Direct Online Democracy


May he prevail. We need to have a win for humanity and the earth somewhere on our planet.


The writer here leaves out a very important aspect of Melenchon's platform, perhaps the most important one. He is a serious truth-teller, one who calls out all the lies of the power elite concerning Libya, Syria, Russia, and all the rest, and he does it consistently on a national stage. Why omit this crucial information, which speaks to people the world over? If he were somehow to win, it might mean a sea-change in neocon world-domination plans, as least as far as the cooperation of the French poodles with Uncle Sam is concerned. We must hope with all our might for this to happen. (I live in France, though as an American I can't vote, unfortunately, despite paying taxes.)


VIVE Mssr. Mélenchon! Peut-il prévaloir!!

This news reaffirms my faltering faith in the better, more compassionate essence of humankind!


He will take France out of NATO. Ie: won't be a lackey to the USA. Interestingly so will Le Pen.

If Trump can achieve losing the US's sphere of influence over the allies - job well done. Merkle was talking with China about more trade as the U.S. is irrational.


Viva Melenchon!




Vive La France!
Ressentire Le Bern!
Toujours Avec Bernie!