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Leftist Coalition in Honduras Calls for Uprising Ahead of Presidential Inauguration

Leftist Coalition in Honduras Calls for Uprising Ahead of Presidential Inauguration

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"Nobody should obey a usurper government."

Supporters of Libre Alliance presidential candidate Salvador Nasralla

This is how the right wing maintains power. By force, corruption and the public over time becoming apathetic. Not a country on the planet where the right has power and makes things better for most people and the environment. So, the NED and the CIA are certainly involved here. Wonder which side they’re on…

I don’t understand how the EU and OAS can come to such different judgments regarding the fairness of the electoral process. Following the original election, the OAS issued a long list of condemnations regarding its fairness, then mysteriously, the OAS failed to follow up in monitoring the recount process. Instead, the EU monitored and endorsed the recount, despite being absent during the original balloting.

Something does not pass the smell test. True to form, the U.S. ‘progressive’ press, this one included, fail to report on what happened between the OAS and EU, and between the election and the recount, in anything remotely resembling a thoughtful fashion.

Considering how Clinton colluded in spiriting the former duly elected President out of Honduras, and who then over-rode her own State Department which initially called that a coup, and the millions subsequently paid to ‘secure’ the country, it is a wonder the Hondurans still consider us a friend, or do they?

They want to speak of “uprising”? Will this head toward an El Salvador (regime maintains power through extermination), Nicaragua (regime driven from power, later supported by outside proxies), or perhaps a Ukraine type scenario (regime structures are fractured and in a formal civil war / frozen conflict). I guess we will see.

Given the enormity of the country’s gang violence problem, this will be a very messy affair.

See: “Honduras gang violence uproots thousands”, Al Jazeera, by Mariana Sanchez, 20 March 2017.

Brian Ghilliotti