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Leftist Landslide in Mexico


Leftist Landslide in Mexico

Reese Erlich

When I was writing an article about street vendors in Mexico City, I saw firsthand how the country's ruling party operated. Vendors eke out a living selling trinkets and food on street corners. A group in one part of Mexico City had held a series of militant demonstrations opposing a violent police crackdown aimed at driving them out of that neighborhood.


Well, after witnessing this landslide in Mexico, and seeing the similarities it had to Bernie’s campaign, it will be interesting to see if the Democratic Party Establishment will embrace a similar platform.

My guess is, no they will not.

Why won’t they?

Their Corporate Masters will back the Republicans if they do.

This, right here, is exactly the reason why We The People, must “Dump the Duopoly.”

Change your voter registration to, Independent, Socialist, Green, or any other political party TODAY.

Bring them to “Heel.”


Imagine if Bernie had been allowed to win, now that Mexico has installed their Socialist Dem, North America would be unstoppable (the Canadian people, having the same values, would force their MP to follow). Instead we have our neoliberal Dem’s bashing the popular policies of Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, and our Dem apologists on this site giving them cover, and implying we are stupid to think voters in other areas of the country would accept these policies. It never ends.


If the US had a fair election system like Mexico’s, do you think Sanders would have won in 2016 ?

Perhaps we need to have election observers from third world nations monitor US elections the way Jimmy Carter did in third world nations ?

Let’s hope Trump and the GOP Congress don’t stage a coup in Mexico.


Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to laugh out loud, it was an involuntary reaction.


Thanks Rocky,

I laughed too, when I thought of putting that comment on here.


Another over-reaction and overly optimistic expectations when a basically liberal politician becomes elected - he is applauded with accolades. It won’t take too long for the Mexican working class to be disappointed about him and his populist messages. He does not even get close to the aspirations of the Zapatistas Movement


AMLO is definitely a populist, but he is not a left-wing radical. His catchy political narrative is based on creating opposition between honest citizens and dishonest politicians (which he calls the “power mafia”), but his discourse does not reference labour issues, class struggle, US imperialism, or financial capitalism at all.


I share your concern. It was not mentioned on the corporate media nor by Amy Goodman on Democracy --when the winning “Mexican Bernie” in his goal list inserted CORPORATE FREEDOM, which bothers me.
Mayhap he is yet another sham politician who is getting too much credit too soon --very Obama-ish ploy?