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Legacy of a 'Disappeared' Family in Argentina


Legacy of a 'Disappeared' Family in Argentina

César Chelala

Politics can have a devastating effect on a country and its people, as I saw during a recent trip to Argentina.

I stayed at the Buenos Aires apartment of a relative by marriage, university professor Felix Eduardo Herrera, who died there in 2007; the apartment had been empty since then. He had been a noted mathematician in Tucuman, a city in northern Argentina. Much respected by his students, to whom he dedicated his life and work, he was married to Leonor Herrera and raised two boys, Abel and Claudio, and a girl, Leonor Ines.


Let's remember that the military coup had full US support. Exceptional my ass.


Thanks for this important remembrance, with its bittersweet light at the end.


Multiply this story by many millions and it reveals the scars of militarism that are a worldwide curse and scourge upon mankind.

It's impossible to imagine where global society would be today if military fools had not used their supremacy of armaments to "take out" people who had extraordinary gifts, vision, wisdom, etc.

Some years ago I was hiking with a man known for his environmental activism and he began to wax lyrical about evolution and used aspects of the surrounding world to make his case. While there is this widely held idea about "survival of the fittest," sometimes it's just dumb luck that destines the stronger being to be standing in the path of the fire or falling tree. It then becomes NOT the strongest whose genetic lineage ends up passed down.

Warriors are not the sharpest knives in the drawer. But they like cutting until blood is shed. Invariably they rule through reigns of terror.