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Legal Battle Over Trump Ban Could Be Headed To US Supreme Court

Legal Battle Over Trump Ban Could Be Headed To US Supreme Court

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

People protested against President Donald Trump's travel ban in Washington, D.C. over the weekend. (Photo: Ted Eytan/flickr/cc)

Serially turning bad PR into energy during the campaign bolstered Trump’s hubris to continue that strategy through his POTUS stint and probably beyond. Not to mention that this issue is more of a smokescreen to distract us from the GOP Congress’ accelerated looting of the US Treasury.

Seeing how Judge Robart was appointed by Dubya, and Washington AG Ferguson has also sued the Obama Administration, the defendents in upcoming appeals will be in a position of strength and cannot be brushed off as partisan.

Derailing the Gorsuch confirmation may be the most value the 99% can get out of this issue…

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Here come da judge[s]! With apologies to Flip Wilson and Dewey ‘Pigmeat’ Markham.
May they both RIP, never having to see what it has all come down to.
‘And wasn’t it a long way down, wasn’t it a strange way down?’ - Leonard Cohen, RIP. It’s not a dress rehearsal anymore.


My tweet to DJT.
Just cannot believe a so-called president would put our country in such peril!


"if Gorusch says no, he turns that same middle finger to the guy who just nominated him for the Supreme Court, and—assuming he’s eventually confirmed—makes it very hard for him to explain himself if he one day votes to uphold the ban. "

Don’t watch his finger. Watch his eyes. One of them will be winking. And he’s a Trumpian, which means once in power, he won’t give a &%*$ about explaining his hypocritical votes.

Much like Scalia.

Then again, he can just sit back and smirk, like DeVos and other Trump appointees, knowing that they can spew a bunch of b.s. that doesn’t even answer the question and the majority GOP congress will approve them anyway.

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More than bs, nephewsam.

We’re talking lies. Under oath. And you may recall from last week’s CD reports was the reason Sherrod Brown led the Democratic walkout on Mnuchin.

Which of course, is perjury. Punishable by, uh, I forget… high office!!!..your “permanent record”!!!.. dismissal from National Honor Society!!!

Any nominee who lies to the Senate Judiciary Committee and thereafter rises to the bench should face prosecution. (Hear me, Clarence Thomas?) One lying justice disbarred and sentenced for perjury might put an end to these pretty boy, pat-on-the-back, smile-for-the-camera pastiches that pass for hearings.

Trump is the most dangerous POTUS ever, at least in part because of his super-volatile, out-of-control temperament and temper, and partly because he doesn’t give a hoot in Helsinki about the consequences of his actions and behaviors.

Even if the legal battle over Trump Ban does end up being headed for the the SCOTUS, there’s no guarantee that positive results will occur there, either, due to some ultra-Right-wing justices that have just been appointed to the SCOTUS.