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Legal? Despite Withdrawal Pledge, Trump’s Massive Mission Creep in Syria


Legal? Despite Withdrawal Pledge, Trump’s Massive Mission Creep in Syria

Juan Cole

The US is warning Syria against attempting to recover lands lost to rebels south of Damascus.

Some of those rebels are ISIL or affiliated in some way to al-Qaeda. That is, the US is now doing the opposite of what it said it was going in to Syria to do.

It is often alleged that US military presence in Syria is illegal in international law, and that it is not even constitutional.


Great analysis! Mission Creep it is, and also Israeli control in efforts to make Greater Israel a reality someday.


700 Billion/year can buy lots of creepy missions.


Fucking Trump he is the swamp. And doing this for Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Rothschild Banksters.


Al Qaeda, huh? And who started Al Qaeda? Wasn’t that Brzenski, under Carter? I think he wrote a book about it, maybe in 2004.


We were doing all of this long before Trump entered the picture. He merely has decided to do the deep states bidding just like Obama and Bush before him. There is no difference.


Trump compared to Obama. Has taken drone killings and other types of murder to a higher level. The Neocons he decided to surround himself with like John Bolton. Means that Trump and his Regime. Are the biggest threat to world peace.


We have long been the biggest threat to world peace.


A Clean Break - A New Strategy For Securing The Realm (1996) spelled out the US-Israeli NeoCon plan for remaking the Middle East.

First, push Syria out of Lebanon. Done.
Second, regime change in Iraq. Done.
Third, push Assad as far off the Arabian Peninsula as possible. Mostly complete.
(Making eastern Syria a part of the US-Israeli-Saudi Empire)
Fourth - on to Tehran.