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Legal Expert Says 'Congress Must Repeal the AUMF' After Supreme Court Rejects Yemeni Man's Appeal for Release From Gitmo

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/11/legal-expert-says-congress-must-repeal-aumf-after-supreme-court-rejects-yemeni-mans

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Mistake? No, war crimes under international law. Everyone who voted for the original AUMF or it’s continuance along with those who interpreted and implemented it as crimes against humanity need to be in prison. Perhaps in Guantanamo.


“Indefinite detention” is in itself a crime against humanity. Those judges would do well to watch “Judgement at Nuremberg” again. “The value of a single human being?” Not in Amerika.


The US has to keep people in indefinite detention—otherwise, it might be forced to give Gitmo back to its rightful owners, the Cuban people.


Just sick what the US government does in the name of national security. Who’s safe under this US regime? Certainly not this Yemeni man who’s been help without charge for 17 F-ing years!!! Are Americans really any safer under conditions of US global empire?


One “mistake” deserves another?

The only reason for NOT repealing AUMF would be in hopes that a true progressive takes the oval office and can immediately and without any interference label Trump, Pompeo, Bolton, Cheney, W, Rumsfeld, and all the rest of the war criminals terrorists and send them off to wherever - forever.

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This problem belongs in Obama’s lap. His campaign promise for 8 years was to Close Gitmo.

The Coward refused to use his executive power to Close that Blight on American Democracy.

We are using Gitmo as a foreign land technicality to ignore Habeas Corpus; holding a prisoner without giving them a fair hearing before a Judge.

This is a disgusting display of American Tyrannical Fascism.


The AUMF proves that power corrupts.

The Congress being unwilling to address the level of abuse precipitated as a result of this extremely poor use of legislative power, proves their own lack of willingness to accept their constitutional responsibility.

Return the land to Cuba. Close all of the US overseas prisons. Close overseas bases too for that matter. Dream on, huh?