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Legal Experts Aghast as 'Bloodythirsty' Right-Wing Supreme Court Sanctions Torturous Executions


Legal Experts Aghast as 'Bloodythirsty' Right-Wing Supreme Court Sanctions Torturous Executions

Julia Conley, staff writer

Critics on Tuesday said the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in a case brought by a Missouri death row inmate fundamentally erodes protections against torture enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.



These men are neanderthals or throw backs to the middle ages. No modern nation should have a death penalty but there are so many people in the U.S. who love killing people. Will this country ever grow up?



Now we know where the “Gore” comes from in the animal in a Supreme Court Justice robe named Neil Gorsuch.

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Maybe a candidate for the nobel prize?



Supreme Court “justices” can be impeached too. I assume the Legislative Branch will continue to abdicate their duty to oversee the other two branches.



Ah yes, yet another example that Fascism takes precedence in the oosssaaaaa



‘Bloodthirsty’ Serial Killers in the US SC…



The mask is coming off, and all the myths of Americas virtues are being exposed



There is absolutely no evidence that Neanderthals were the heartless and cruel humans that “sapiens” are. This is slander against those who, in all likelihood, were wiped out by our species, just as we humans are doing to all life on this planet.



You are probably correct and I am not as knowledgeable about Neanderthals as you are. While you are correct I find it interesting that you would try to find ways of being divisive and actually trying to offend me who was making a point about these judges. What is you actual intention? Maybe we - the progressives - should just fight and divide over every little issue. Not an unknown trait of socialists.

Neanderthals did not have the creativity, intelligence or awareness to create gas chambers, electric chairs, guillotines or lethal injection chambers. That was left to the high intelligence of of the latest version of human beings.



I’ve often repeated what Hitler is reputed to have said, “To truly rule a nation, you must first control its courts. Then, whatever you do is legal, whatever the opposition does is illegal.”
*We are now ruled (not led, ruled) by a sick, greedy sadist. His hand-picked “Supreme” Court votes 5-4 for cruelty, for mistreatment of children, for increased, “for profit” prisons and easier ways to fill them, and now to Death by Torture, apparently to make sure that the execution train runs on time. (Why does Mussolini come to mind?)
*World War II taught us that dictators can and should be removed from power. The new United States Fourth Reich has been ruled by bloody-minded, greedy, dictators since the Twenty-first Century commenced. Instead of throwing them out when this became obvious, they have been shielded while the Reich consolidated its power and broadened its cruelty and greed.
*Now, they have the power, and the courts, and cruelty, greed and torture wins, 5-4. This should have stopped when the torture at Abu Graib was made public, but that was blocked, the master monster-minds that put it in gear were protected and rewarded, and now We the People are finding that, even with overwhelming demonstrations, and legal blocks in the lower courts it all ends up in the 5-4 court of last resort. The excellent cases put forth by some of our newer legislators are hailed as a victory. They, too, will face 5-4 decisions.
If We the People are unable to turn this around, we are looking at much of the rest of the world doing as it did to rid us of the last litter of demented despots. This is fraught with peril, as sooner or later, someone is going to push the button. Someone else will detect the launch, panic and push his or her button, and a short while later, our “civilization” will be gone, as will most of the life on Earth, and possibly Earth itself.
*We are in our eighties, I am a nuclear veteran who was exposed to this horror in 1956, and for some reason, I survived. A huge number of us did not. Mainly, I feel sorry for the youth of the world, who are being thrust into this morass through no fault of their own.

Lately the news seems filled with hate and tragedy;
Only occasionally does love and kindness appear.
Verily, we need a new strategy
Encouraging empathy and forgiveness instead of fear.

Teachers revered throughout history have always taught love,
Hatred is proved but a sordid blind alley.
Youth has always sought a path of enlightenment in the light above.

Now we are facing a cult of hate and destruction,
Engorging itself upon power and greed.
It is time We the People begin giving instruction,
Growing love and compassion with new seed.
Hatred is like being chained to an oar in a galley.
Brotherly love can snap the chain and break the oar,
Or, take the galley and head for an halcyon shore
Resolving in peace, that of hate, we will take no more.
Steve Osborn
28 May 2017
*Let us try, and keep trying.



The death penalty itself is barbaric. What other western nation has the death penalty? As far as I know, the US is the only nation in the world that has a Supreme court system with lifers on the bench that can twist the meaning of constitutional rights and establish new law that lasts for generations to come.

Again, it seems clear that our Constitution, written centuries ago by rich, white, propertied males is an outdated document meant to protect the property and wealth of the 1% not the rights and welfare of the 99%.



There are so many in government deserving of Impeachment, that if the American People came to their senses and demanded it, we’d have so many replacement elections going on that the 2020 election would pale in comparison.



“Thou shalt not kill”

How much f***ing clearer does that need to be, Gorsuch? It’s the WORD OF GOD!!



Yea, verily yea, Ol’ Hoss!

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If robots are so great at replacing humans, I say, we build 9 robots, download the entire “Constitution” into their collective memories, and retire the humans.

Now that would be a totally unbiased Supreme Court.




You’ve been a very good mentor to many of us.



Programmers could be a troubling factor.



Insure the programmers are either young women or children.



What’s to be “aghast” about? This is Gorsuch; no surprise.
Somewhat related: His mother (Anne, who headed the EPA under Reagan) was forced to resign in disgrace.
Along comes the benighted Kushner clan: Daddy Charles did prison time, and now li’l Jared is making him proud.
P.S. Gorsuch is obviously a sadist, exactly like the person who promoted him for the Court.