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'Legal Peril' for President After Giuliani Admits Trump Repaid Stormy Daniels Hush Money


'Legal Peril' for President After Giuliani Admits Trump Repaid Stormy Daniels Hush Money

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Frantically attempting to clean up the enormous mess made by his new lawyer Rudy Giuliani in an interview with Sean Hannity of Fox News Wednesday night, President Donald Trump fired off a series of tweets early Thursday morning defending the reimbursement of his personal attorney Michael Cohen, who made a $130,000 hush payment to adult film actress Stormy Daniels to prevent her from going public with affair allegations.


As Walter Scott wrote, Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to decieve…

These guys can’t seem to get their lies straight. The funny part is, the more they act like the bullies they are, the worse it gets for them.


Yes. My schadenfreude meter hit the redline on reading this piece. Whether DoJ is of any use is, of course, problematic.


Psst: Invest in popcorn futures, now! We’re just watching the previews.


Invest in our children and their education.

They will be the one’s to lead us out of this desert.


Mmmmmmm probably not. What’s happening here is the last failed attempt at oil and gas to control governments and resources around the world. Desperately they seek military contracts to keep the status quo.

This is because there are limits to growth. In other words, habitat overshoot is real, and having more kids makes it worse. Stay tuned for more wars, more corruption as the collapse continues.


I could accept the world as you see it.

I choose not to.


There has to be method to this madness. They are are trying to give the Donald what Reagan’s people used to call plausible deniability. “Why all these people did all this stuff for me. Did I pay attention? Of course not.”
Ah, the old "I knew, but I didn’t know, you know? " argument.
All the good soldiers are about to fall on their swords. They have all been handed pardons, to be signed at a future date of course.
Republicans are begining to circle the wagons, just like they did in 1974 when they left the smoke filled room having decided that they needed to begin planning for the future, a future that started with throwing Nixon under the nearest bus. What you see in the next few months will be a final mad rush to solidify the Kochs stained legacy upon America. They will move to eliminate the EPA, depts of education, interior and energy. They will try to hurry an anti abortion case to the SCOTUS. And of course start another proxy war in the Middle East. Women will be raped, babies heads will be beaten off of rocks. The fields will be salted, and the wells will be poisoned. Then of course the wheel to this death ship will be handed over to a group of mealy mouthed corporate Democrats. All this and the earth continues to warm out of control
The fat lady is clearing her throat…


Seems obvious what Giuliani is doing. He crafted a way–after the fact, of course–of how Trump COULD have reimbursed Cohen while not knowing anything about the reimbursement and without it having anything to do with campaign finances.

And it’s obviously a lie, because it is a completely NEW explanation, and if it were true, they would have explained it that way from the very beginning, and because Trump is saying, “Yeah, that’s it! What he said,” even though it contradicts everything Trump has already said about it.

Also ridiculous is Trump on the one hand denying there was the sexual encounter, but on the other hand claiming Daniels violated the secrecy agreement. Why would she have been paid to keep silent about a sexual encounter that never happened? Is Cohen willing to pay me $130k not to say I had a sexual encounter with Trump, because, just like Stormy, I didn’t, either.


I’m never surprised at the stupidity of executives. Should you have the occasion in your life to bump into some of them sometime, you’ll know what I mean: morons, in the executive suite, are not outliers.

But the meteoric stupidity of this chief executive continues to astonish, practically every day. As the great lady said, no matter how cynical I get, I just can’t keep up.

I mean “stupid” here in the rigorous sense of, for instance, chess. A chess move is stupid if it immediately weakens your position. The person who makes a stupid move may have enjoyed any number of successful initiatives, the move (and the person, I’m afraid) is still indisputably stupid, in this sense.

US American culture has a remarkable, longstanding romance with stupidity - possibly unique in human history, possibly a sign of imperial rot. Idiots have been more electable here for most of my life. Ted Rall observes that our general contempt for intelligent people can be seen in our large catalog of derisive terms:

Bookworm. Brain. Brainiac. Dork. Dweeb. Egghead. Freak. Grind. Grub. Longhair. Nerd. Poindexter. Pointy-headed. Smarty-pants. Techie.


But this will go nowhere without an impeachment first - which is simply not going to happen until early January 2019 at the soonest and only if a Democrat majority is elected. Of course a lot of people here will be working to make sure that does not happen.


I’m waiting for the semen stained dress to appear.


Simple question: How important is this shit? The Middle East is burning; people are struggling to keep from living in boxes; health care does not exist due to health “insurance”; they are going to rape the National Parks; education is nearly non-existent; and on and on. Again: JUST HOW IMPORTANT IS THIS SHIT?!


I’m waiting for the shooter on the grassy knoll to appear.

Lordy, I hope he appears.


Trump has a semen stained dress…in the closet…??


Some years ago, a book was published undert the title “The Peter Principle,” which explained this phenomenon: people in hierarchies rise to the level of their incompetence, and then stay there forever, because nobody wants to fire the formerly competent.

This, along with what Shea and Wilson’s excellent “Illuminatus Triolgy” calls the SNAFU Principle, tell us all we need to know about hierarchies and the disasters they leave in their wake.


Do we care more about private affairs than bad governance? Are Democrats barking up the wrong tree on this one to avoid looking into their own electoral corruption?

Will they exchange a randy lying oligarch for four years of a boring theocratic prude without changing bad government?

Direct Democracy


Stormy Daniels lawyer said that the attorneys that Trump surrounds himself with are the most incompetent that he has ever seen. Looks like he is correct! Trump is so stupid that he picks people like Cohen and Giuliani to represent him.


Are there ANY lawyers left in the US that Trump hasn’t hired? Ghoulianni is fucking senile. This I believe is gonna get much worse when Mueller finally is done with this. At the very least it will probably be the most interesting political happening I have seen in my life of 71 yrs AND that includes the wild 60’s and Nixon. The worst case scenario would be massive rioting and violence, either way it ain’t gonna be pretty.


Watch out for the censors, PB! (I do personally, however, give you kudos for the post.)