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Legal Protest Filed Against Fossil Fuel Auction of Public Lands in Montana


Legal Protest Filed Against Fossil Fuel Auction of Public Lands in Montana

Center for Biological Diversity

BILLINGS, Mont. - Conservation groups filed a formal administrative protest Friday challenging a Bureau of Land Management plan to auction off nearly 20,000 acres of publicly owned fossil fuels in northeast Montana.



No comments? I shouldn't actually be surprised by that.
The internet trolls are more concerned with getting Hillary or Donny elected as one of our only electable candidates.

Do the people of Planet Earth see the Dakota fight against the pipeline that infringes on their rights and land as an Indian only fight? Do they not value their public lands and personal health? Do they not see that America will one day be overtaken by pipelines, drilling wells and fracking? It doesn't affect you now, but the day may come when they level your home and neighborhood to make way for the wells, or route the pipeline through what used to be your backyards.

No one seems to care about the actual issues contained in the TPP that will allow this type of takeover across the United States; as well as the entire Earth. President Obama is fully aware and yet allows it to continue as he does with fracking in the Gulf of Mexico, (where does the toxic waste go?) as well as fracking in general while claiming to fight for environmental concerns and climate change. Yet, he continues to press for the passage of the TPP.

It seems that no one really gives a damn; or just isn't paying attention, to what is evolving in the corporate takeover of our government.

I'm not; at this point in my life, a strongly religious person having been brought up with Catholicism but a quote from the cross comes to mind, " Lord forgive them for they know not what they do." and seems to aptly fit the ignorance of todays voters.

What goes around, comes around people say and what's going on in Montana and the North Dakota Sioux will surely get around to you. Ask the people of Colorado who are trying to fight fracking in their state.

To answer the unasked question. No. Voting for either of the candidates purported to be the only ones that can win will change nothing.