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Legalized Murder and the Politics of Terror


Legalized Murder and the Politics of Terror

Chris Hedges

Police officers carry out random acts of legalized murder against poor people of color not because they are racist, although they may be, or even because they are rogue cops, but because impoverished urban communities have evolved into miniature police states.


:musical_note:Onward Money's Soldiers, Marching As To War, With The Crest Of Dollars, Marching On Before!:musical_note:


Yet another good reminder of why Clinton must be stopped at all costs.


Right-on, Mr. Hedges!

"The physics of human nature dictates that the longer the state engages in indiscriminant legalized murder, especially when those killings can be documented on video or film and disseminated to the public, the more it stokes the revenge assassinations we witnessed in Dallas. This counterviolence serves the interests of the corporate state. The murder of the five Dallas police officers allows the state to deify its blue-uniformed enforcers, demonize those who protest police killings and justify greater measures of oppression, often in the name of reform."

The above paragraph is a useful meditation to those who think that active FIGHTING BACK will result in anything other than a tighter grip by those trained in the use of force and fortified with weapons the average citizen can't even imagine.

The greater the tightening of the screws the more vulnerable the elites feel; yet a cornered, dangerous animal is never a joyful adversary!

As I've been relating for many years, the next revolution IS global; it's already underway; and it differs from previous ones because The Paradigm Shift required will call upon Yang (action) and Yin (reflection along with a collective shift in mass consciousness).

All of these components are already brewing...

And the elites know and sense it.

This is a "Wow statement!" that nails it eloquently:

"The miniature police states are laboratories. They give the corporate state the machinery, legal justification and expertise to strip the entire country of rights, wealth and resources. And this, in the end, is the goal of neoliberalism."

Welcome to Carpicon's Hologram! (I coined the term "Carpicon" to symbolize the place where the archetype for Capricorn, the sign of state controls merges with that of orthodox capitalism.)


The case Herr Hedges is right in all counts, but "we must overthrow the corporate state" is simplistic sloganeering. Overthrow it how? Massive street demonstrations to scare the president and the top politicians into skedaddling so the "government in exile" can move in and take over? We don't have a government in exile. We have a scattershot Left who can't come together and agree on much of anything except that there's a lot of stuff wrong and something should be done about it. Exactly what should be done -- I haven't run across any good answers to that yet.


Thank you for this clear diagnosis:

"No one, with the exception of the elites, champions neoliberal policies. Citizens do not want their jobs shipped overseas, their schools and libraries closed, their pension and retirement funds looted, programs such as Social Security and welfare cut, government bailouts of Wall Street, or militarized police forces patrolling their neighborhoods as if they were foreign armies of occupation‚ÄĒwhich in many ways they are. These policies have to be forced on a reluctant public. This is accomplished only through propaganda, including censorship, and coercion."

Unfortunately, message threads are full of posters whose job it is to project blame onto citizens AS IF they support these programs!

And as to this idea of coercion, it takes many forms which include:

  1. Churches that teach obedience, long-suffering, and respect for political authority figures

  2. Corporations, government agencies, and employers who demand conformity to strict protocols... lest the individual not get paid or receive a check.

  3. Schools: Authoritarian training gets underway pushing 5 year old children to live by the clock, and determine their supposed worth through standardized tests that measure NOTHING relevant or important.

  4. Cultural conditioning: Who wants to be out of step or out of style? The race to keep up with trends and wear what's fashionable is REAL. Human beings, being social animals know that it's painful to stand out as strange and be mocked.

  5. Domestic policing and law enforcement: While it's mostly the Black and Latino communities that feel this "stick" most, citizens of all colors know that if they don't get their car registered, accidentally jump a red light or stop sign, or overstep any number of invisible laws and Group Standards, they will feel blow-back.

  6. The mass media's lockstep narratives designed to obscure truth and actual events deliberately paints anyone who contests these Pre-Fab frames as an outcast, heretic, conspiracy theorist, nut, etc.

The Control State's apparatus isn't just what's obvious. It has essentially come to influence all avenues of life. In this nefarious manner, it's normalized its own standards. However, pain has a reliable way of waking people up; and with so much pain impacting so many people, MOST see through all the B.S.

The problem is that Power is not presenting any agencies of remediation. Sanders could have delivered MUCH had his nomination been allowed to advance as it was.

Today, Richard Eskow tells us that much was achieved at the Dem. event in Orlando; and he still thinks Mrs. Clinton means what she says in doing her best Sanders' imitation in order to secure votes.

I still remain stunned by how many C.D. posters blame the fish being shot at in the barrel rather than those with the spears.


Another crappy attempt to blame those on the receiving end for what sociopaths enact.

I think you're a poseur or Agent Provocateur. You're just waiting to hear anyone talk about organizing a VIOLENT response. That's what you apparently define as viable.

Change of the sort required calls for all sorts of actions and all sorts of consciousness raising. It cannot follow a recipe.

This time, the problem is global. In prior periods of restlessness and/or revolution, the issue was largely REGIONAL and that meant that outside allies could lend assistance.

And what's with the "Herr Hedges"?


Imagine if those members of the Black Community who see a friend in the Clintons read or understood the following (of course this level of analysis is ALWAYS kept off the MSM):

"Murakawa wrote that lawmakers, especially liberal lawmakers, ‚Äúconfronted racial violence as an administrative deficiency.‚ÄĚ Thus, they put in place ‚Äúmore procedures and professionalization‚ÄĚ to ‚Äúdefine acceptable use of force.‚ÄĚ They countered the mob violence of lynching, she points out, with a system of state-sanctioned murder, or capital punishment. ‚ÄúThe liberal‚Äôs brand of racial criminalization and administrative deracialization legitimized extreme penal harm to African-Americans: the more carceral machinery was rights-based and rule-bound, the more racial disparity was isolatable to ‚Äėreal‚Äô black criminality.‚ÄĚ In other words, the state was ‚Äúpermitted limitless violence so long as it conformed to clearly defined laws, administrative protocol, and due process,‚ÄĚ while those who were the victims of this violence were said to be at fault because of their supposed criminal propensities."

"The so-called ‚Äúprofessionalization‚ÄĚ of the police, the standard response to police brutality, has always resulted in more resources, militarized weapons and money given to the police. It has been accompanied, at the same time, by less police accountability and greater police autonomy to strip citizens of their rights as well as an expansion of the use of lethal force."

The above paragraph brings to mind the efficiency of the Nazi War Machine and its insistence on strict protocols. So many then get lost in the labyrinth of just performing their job/duty and lose sight of (or never gained sight of) the operation to which their efforts contribute.

There is a symbiotic relationship between the NRA and its worship of guns at home, and the MIC with its use of guns (and worse weapons) abroad.

There's also significant parallels between Mr. Hedge's incisive depiction of domestic police forces (their respect, impunity, and freedom to do what they do) and the same laxity and undeserved respect allotted to soldiers and the MIC, itself.

Need I remind that it's precisely this type of unquestioned respect allotted to armed persons IN uniform that fits the Mars Rules bill?


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I think a wealth cap is more feasible.

There's a vast difference between a family that rents ONE home for some additional income and a real estate baron who specializes in jacking up rents on lots of inner city tenants.

From the article. This is profound and true:

"Disenfranchised white workers, also the victims of deindustrialization and neoliberalism, flock to Donald Trump rallies stunted by this lack of empathy. The hatred of the other offers them a sense of psychological protection. For, if they saw themselves in those they demonized, if they could express empathy, they would have to accept that what is being done to poor people of color can, and perhaps will, be done to them. This truth is too hard to accept. It is easier to blame the victims."

It also explains the machismo that runs so high in poor countries or those that have suffered colonialism.

The males, lacking agency over their own destinies, show a reflex of lording power over women. So long as they can feel superior to women, their concept of "manhood" is propped up.

I do dispute Mr. Hedge's definition of "Utopian Idealism" as necessarily devoid of empathy. While any human configuration tends, in time, to reflect the weaknesses of its constituents... the premise behind certain Utopian Ideals is hardly devoid of empathy.

People who attempt to leave the ways of Western Materialism and Imperialism behind to build would-be Utopian communities may detach from the world, but they certainly are capable of showing empathy to those within their new community.

I find it hard to be in urban centers these days. The more sensitive and spiritual the individual, the harder it is to make that journey because so much in the way of modern culture is based on noise, rushing around, and through both, becoming inured to the LIVING WORLD.

It's going to come as quite a shock when all of those millions habituated to thinking food "grows in a supermarket," or that their existence on islands of concrete somehow protects them from Earth Changes come to see that it's all connected.

They will also come to realize that if the seas go barren of marine life due to PH and Temperature changes, and if the glacier melt waters no longer come down stream, and if the earth's seasons fall off course... that there may not BE food on those once reliable supermarket shelves.

Earth Mother has her own version of the Shock Doctrine... and she's only warming up now.
THIS fate is closing in...

So often I feel that most pundits' chief job is to keep the passengers placated so that they don't recognize their fate on the global Titanic.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts on what YOU think I am waiting to hear someone other than me say. That is actually not what I am hoping to hear, but since I haven't heard what I'm hoping to hear, your opinion is unprovably incorrect although I wouldn't expect you to believe that. Someday I hope to read something more proactive than just waiting for a global karmic paradigm change to begin to really kick in. Some way to somehow use the media to do the exact opposite of what The Big They are using media to do, creative blowback right back at them.. I keep hoping some brilliantly tech savvy GenX or Millennial will come up with something since I have nary a clue how to do anything like that.

It's interesting to me is that, because I get emails of replies to my posts, the one forwarding your reply was,according to its header from Susan Rose, not SiouxRose11. The "Herr Hedges" in mine was just me playing with language for my own amusement, this tine playing with alliteration, so that what's up with that,since you asked, What's up with the Susan Rose/SiouxRose11 discrepancy?


For someone who's HIDDEN Behind numerous screen names and lately shows up to SLIME Senator Sanders, NOTHING you say strikes me as carrying the slightest sliver of integrity.

You already know the name thing... since you and your tag team pals pull that out in an attempt to discredit me when I am in a distinct minority that posts here regularly in the name I am known by.

You're an apologist for the Dominant Paradigm... masking yourself as a proud "more Leftist than thou" poster. As if. Those who follow that same protocol have about as much compassion as a shoe sole and are so intent upon dividing to conquer that any of their calls to "Solidarity" ring hollow.

I have seen through YOUR act (and that of your ideological accomplices) for 8 years.


Thank you Mr. Hedges, I admire your work and devotion to the cause.
What strikes me as strange in the evolving revolution is that many of the same people that call for gun laws or even banning guns to private people are also calling for revolution. Exactly how is it that this revolution will take place against a militarized police if people are disarmed?
The Republicans refuse to give up the guns and they will tell you it's because of over reach in government and the fear they will come for them. Well, you know it's true. When they come for you it will be in full tactical gear and with bomb loaded robots , what then?
Bernie has tried to push the revolution through politics and it is admirable but the people locked in these pods of death can't wait for a democratic platform to change the culture of killing taking place in their communities. They won't wait, in fact many don't know who Sanders is or what he stands for, why should they care?
"The revolution will not be televised".


Thank you Chris Hedges for bringing up empathy (or lack there of) when you write:

‚Äú The inability to feel empathy is the portal to an evil often carried out in the name of progress. A world without empathy rejects as an absurdity the call to love your neighbor as yourself. It elevates the cult of the self. It divides the world into winners and losers. It celebrates power and wealth. Those who are discarded by the corporate state, especially poor people of color, are viewed as life unworthy of life.‚ÄĚ

I believe absence of empathy (for human and nonhuman world) is one of the root causes of collapse (environmental/social). The necessary partner of empathy is compassion-----empathy is the gateway to compassion. Compassion moves us in the direction of action.

This is what got drew me to Sanders---I took his word on this:

I do not sense empathy or compassion from Hillary Clinton.
Her actions are not those of a compassionate, empathic person. It is difficult, if not impossible to reconcile a Sander’s endorsement of Clinton.

Don't Endorse Hillary Clinton!
Petition by David Busch
To be delivered to Bernie Sanders, Presidential Nominee, Democratic Party and Democratic National Convention
Dear Bernie Sanders, We, your supporters, delegates and superdelegates, urge you to respect the Democratic Party's process. You are a Candidate for President until the full Democratic Party Convention decides who they endorse. It is not your role now to endorse Hillary until that final vote is made. Nor, in this process, is it our role now to endorse her--or not--either.


Chris Hedges for president--of the Revolution!


Mr. Hedges, as always your analysis is on point. Your words on internal colonization brought back memories of my youth growing up in public housing projects in the south Bronx. Fear and terror of police was our reality and many of my friends remain in the same situation and some even worst. Continue to speak out against injustice and a corrupt system, we are listening.


The problem cannot be fixed by any of the conventional ideas. But its genesis is quite simple. Forget today and the USA... and just consider that every formalised power structure has fought its way to power and become opporessive over time, demonstrating the simple rule power corrupts. On the far left, we've seen Stalin, Mao and others and on the far right... well you could write a book. Some places like Cuba seem to have things running not too badly... but they exist in a sick world and are vulnerable.
So it seems to me that unless people realise that subservience within the generic hierarchical structure that is the essence of all powerful social institutions (nations, corporates, churches etc.) is both foolish and dangerous, then we will never evolve beyond the position that has been the rise and eventual downfall of every empire to date.
To formally surrender your responsibility in any way to the dictates of another is an invite for corruption - plain and simple. Just look at how those in power love that trait in their underlings, military and police forces. Unquestioning obedience - a key element of fascism.
An intellegent culture would recognise this danger and make it widely known. Anything from bully cops to autocratic CEOs would be seen as being ill - because that state of mind IS an illness in terms of a healthy society. Other people would properly claim their own lives back.
Yes I know... how would people come to live like that? Given the way things are it seems impossoble. But the question is does one want REAL change... or to hang on to some of the crap we have? Who knows what's in store. But I think the most you can do is REALLY change yourself... which is fucking hard in itself.


Capitalism per se is, indeed, an evil. Just as there is no good form of slavery, there is no good form of capitalism.


Enough is enough. Too many have too little and too few have too much. Fix that and racism disappears.


Wolf-PAC.com it's a Constitutional amendment by-passing Congress to get the money out of politics You asked, there it is. 5 states have already passed it. A lot of people still don't know due to the media blackout, spread the word.