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Legislatures Gear Up to Target Transgender People. We Gear Up to Fight Back


Legislatures Gear Up to Target Transgender People. We Gear Up to Fight Back.

Chase Strangio

Across the country, before state legislative sessions have even convened, lawmakers are making clear that transgender people will again be the relentless targets of discriminatory legislation.

Last year, lawmakers introduced more than 200 anti-LGBT bills in 34 states. At least 50 of those bills targeted transgender people specifically. We were able to defeat the overwhelming majority of these proposed laws.


Another distraction issue in the South instead of looking at poverty. Don't you have anything else to do Southerners besides batter women, put people in poverty and constantly discriminate, and had the worst education systems in the land?Come on up North people, we'll take care of you.


If the 21st century has shown us anything, it is that the 19th century never died. It is the gift that keeps on giving.


Couldn't a solution to the bathroom issue just to make all bathrooms unisex? In other words get rid of 'male' and 'female' bathroom designation.


Works in the portapotty lines, doesn't it? It's really about people focused on their dicks presuming that anyone who has one is going to seek to use it for ill. They've no idea of the atmosphere in a women's room, and they've no idea how a trans woman feels about her residual junk, how she doesn't even want to see it, let alone use it for anything, especially against another woman.


Thanks for the feedback.

I think the only way to gut the gordian knot is to remove the symbols of demarcation.


The bathroom is not a political or economic issue- it's another distraction. Meanwhile, while people are discussing how and where to go to the bathroom, Wall Street bankers will crash the economy again. They are already debating in the house about getting rid of Dodd Frank. Also, didn't people go to the bathroom somewhere all these years?


Yep along with men and their female brainless wonders telling other women that they can't use birth control, and are not allowed to make decisions about their own bodies.


I bet transgender people hate the progressives right now. Apparently 0.3% of the US population is transgender and they have been living quietly and happily until last year when someone, probably not transgender decided their rights were not being respected and we have to force everyone to comply, or else...

Now everyone who doesn't look totally masculine, or feminine (whatever that means) is under scrutiny.


I can tell you of one transgender person, my child, who is very glad for the attention brought to their cause this year. And I don't know of any of their community who'd like to just go on trying to fit in, somehow, somewhere. Along with the challenges have come opportunities and recognition of their struggle.

Please don't make bets about it how it feels from someone else's life. Get to know those someone elses and let them become people to you instead of abstractions. The major reason so many transgender folk either kill themselves or get killed by others is that the don't live quietly and happily in their closets.


Don't think lamonte. You're not very good at it.


To you, it's trivial. But one in 300 people has both male and female tissue at the same time. Were the hell are they supposed to go? Both places? Neither? Perhaps they should take a lawyer with them to make the call. It's also illegal to go outside in the alley. They are going to friggin jail, cuz the United Police States thinks prisons are a new growth industry.

And you'll think it's silly, until the TSA is groping your crotch to see if you really belong in the men's room. In the third world nobody cares. Women frequently use the men's room if the plumbing doesn't work in the girl's room, which is frequent. Freaks go where ever they feel like. Nobody has ever been raped in the can to my knowledge.


Apparently most trans children grow out of it. I hope your kid does too.


Actually you are confusing trans (a mental condition, about 0.3% of pop) with intersex (with "atypical" genitals, about 0.05% of pop.). As far as i am concerned they can use the same bathroom they used since start of history and nobody cared. That is until last year when somebody decided to start this hoopla and screwed up their lives even more.


I completely agree with your point.

However, I do believe that it is worth trying to resolve quickly and with as little ambiguity as possible because these low-impact-high-emotion 'issues' are used to distract from the greater issues.


While I agree with your point generally, I think it is important that the only relevant detail when discussing rights is if that person is a US Citizen. All of the rights of US Citizens come are derived from US Constitution. What group or groups the individual belongs to is not really important*.

Personally I think laws like the NC HB2 are needlessly discriminatory. It has no real (legal) effect. It is really just social signaling.

However, there is no right to 'feel safe' or 'comfortable'.

  • I am aware of protect class laws, but those are only short term 'fixes' meant to undo cultural norms that are in conflict with the Constitution.


I can't imagine where you're getting your information and assumptions. My child grew into the ability to express the gender(s) they had experienced through their life (now late 30s), and is fortunate to live in a state where that expression (and all others, including yours) is protected by law and health insurance supports their medical and surgical transition. They're working on the legal transition to their chosen name and gender marker.

With @notpickard I'm glad you're willing to allow people to use their restroom of choice, but the gender dysphoria we have, wittingly or not, imposed on numbers, however small, of our kindred is no insignificant matter. It costs lives, from inside and out. Please address your hopeful energy, not to people "growing out of it," but to our society growing out of making gender determinative for so many factors of our lives.


Sorry, was looking at your avatar and just assumed your kids might be in their teens.

My hope is actually that at some point we can somehow cure conditions like that. My guess is, whether they express it or not, people who suffer from them would rather live a normal life without having to rely on society to accept their illness.


My avatar photo is a little old, but at least I let you know I'm a real person. And what you really MUST know or learn is that, while gender dysphoria may be considered an illness that people would like to live without, being transgender IS NOT!! The cure for dysphoria is acceptance of free gender expression.

Apologize for considering my child more ill now than they were a year and a half ago. Until then, please be quiet and learn to listen.


1st let us put a stop to the false meme that you post about transgender people living peaceful, unsecured lives in the US. In reported hate crimes alone, they are 2nd along with the rest of the LGDTQ community. And this year they hit #1, which is why people in decent cities tried to protect them by allowing them to use the bathroom of their choice.
2nd because of the discrimination they face, yes they would want us to protect them from people who can't accept anyone different from themselves. Ask someone from that community, they want the right to be able to live their lives w/o any discrimination, w/o fear of being attacked for who they are.
3rd if you listened, you would see that they defend the laws that cities that have passed or tried to pass laws protecting them. They have been ecstatic that finally some parts of society will stand up for them.