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'Less Lethal' Parachute Bullets Being Tested by Trigger-Happy Ferguson Police


'Less Lethal' Parachute Bullets Being Tested by Trigger-Happy Ferguson Police

Nearly six months after a white Ferguson police officer fatally shot unarmed black teenager Michael Brown, city law enforcement has devised a dubious response to the sustained protests that have swept this Missouri municipality.

They are calling it a "less lethal" gun attachment which purports to slow a bullet when fired, so that it wounds a person, potentially breaks a few ribs, but allegedly does not kill him or her.


Let the cops try their new gun ON EACH OTHER first! I don’t know how any of them sleep, knowing they are fast becoming the occupying enemy of their own communities. And for what? A badge? A rush of criminal power?


Police have always been divided. Some are community minded, others are brutal. They were outgunned a bit for a little while - by drug cartels - but the response has continued while the drugs issues have lessened. When we armed the police better, too many of them became more brutal. Now we militarize them with awesome weapons of war. Very dumb move. They become more disconnected and less caring and with grand juries and prosecutors forgiving every transgression, their arrogance is boundless. This new weapon does not address any of the problems. It is JUST another weapon and one that requires an extra move that is not going to be exercised.



“Police have always been divided. Some are community-minded, others are brutal.”

is absolutely correct, outsider. The fact that police departments throughout the United States have become much more militarized, and therefore much more heavily armed, however, is extremely dangerous, not only for the local citizenry of various communities in cities and towns throughout the United States, but dangerous to cops, as well. There’s a very high suicide rate among cops, so the argument that the greatest danger that a cop faces while on duty is him or herself rings very, very true. This militarization of our police departments throughout the United States is bound to backfire sooner or later, on cops themselves, as well as the communities that they’ve sworn to protect, and to totally corrupt the laws that they’ve sworn to uphold.


I cannot believe the animosity toward the police. I have worked as a dispatcher with a few police departments here in NJ. ALL the officers I worked with DREADED the thought of having to discharge their weapons. NONE of them were " trigger happy" not a one wished the opportunity to shoot at anyone or anything, one of the guys I worked with was getting mauled by a dog and only fired at it because the dog pursued him relentlessly. So stop this crap about cops wanting to shoot people, it’s disingenuous. You are letting your liberal emotions overtake your judgement.


You people who continually come up with all this shit about how evil and criminal the police are? Do even know one police officer or talked to one of the them? I doubt it, you just ramble on with your liberal BS and drink the kool aid of the left. I hope you morons never need one to help you while being involved in a violent crime or help while you are stranded somewhere. You could always call on one of your crack head friends or a random loser to help you. You are seriously ignorant to what these brave men and woman do every day. You make me sick