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"Less Meat, Less Heat": China's Plan to Drop Meat Consumption Gets Praise


"Less Meat, Less Heat": China's Plan to Drop Meat Consumption Gets Praise

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Climate advocates are praising the Chinese government's new dietary guidelines designed to cut meat consumption in half—which would reduce the country's livestock-related carbon emissions by 1 billion tons by 2030.


Good on China! Now… can it goose its BRICS partner Brazil under the MichelTemer coup government to recognize its oligarchy’s razing of the Amazon?

Greenpeace is explaining the layout of the monopoly board - and its not pretty


How enforceable are the “guidelines” ?

Any idea how much money Murkin corn and soybean farmers make selling their products to the Chinese to use for livestock feed ? There are no shortage of lobbies promoting meat production and consumption in China.


Most intelligent political idea i have seen in long long time but its a low bar.


Great news from a very large country that could make a significant difference globally with this.

And think of the reduction in suffering.

Perhaps a trend setter? Here’s hoping.


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Save the planet?

Drop the “e”

And eat 'em


Cool as a cucumber you are


Humans were reclassified from hunter gather to Foragers decades ago by anthropologists because only a few tribes became big game hunters and only in recently in our history. Our Dietary needs of protein are actually quite low and most nutrition for most cultures historically has come from tubers and other root type veg. Supplemented by easy to grab meat mostly for special occasions.


They are “proper” foods.
I commend your vegan ways i am a vegetarian 20 years. But i recognize i would not be here and our species would not if we didnt eat a little animal/insect life.
its just an idea my friend, a starving or malnurished person should and will eat their belt and anything else they can find. A starving child is the worst…
We have the abilty and luxury to eat a vegan diet but the UN food program has said milllions will need to gain some protein from insects. They are pretty good about data, at least.
We can all agree raising livestock is really not viable goinf forward and in most areas wild animals are too depleted.


Boy does the U.S. need such a campaign.

A lot of posters push the INDIVIDUAL choice meme in these threads.

Instead of taking aim at Big Oil, they focus on the individual auto driver.

Instead of government policy on reducing meat intake, they speak to the individual consumer.

Instead of major changes to the captured U.S. MSM, they encourage the several hundred to several thousand who read these threads to “just turn off their televisions.”

When a MASSIVE sea change (or collective course correction) is required, appeals to the individual that reach a limited audience have very little chance of effecting any significant changes.

WIDE appeals must be instilled from major pulpits… that’s why the public’s restoration of ITS airwaves is so vital.


What is easiest on a given ecosystem is what grew there in the first place. Those almonds grown in the California desert are not native to the region. They are harmful to the ecosystem because of the water the trees consume.

The grasses on the prairies sustained live for tens of thousands of years. Plowing up to plant corn degrades that ecosystem. A feedlot packed with cattle lying in their own feces so as to raise meat to ship 3000 miles away is as unnatural as an entire forest cut down to grow palm oil.

While North Americans have way too much meat in their diets we have to moves towards sysems where more foods are locally grown in environments where said food does not need artificial inputs to grow, It my opinion Biomimicry the way forwards.


“Tackling climate change involves scientific judgement, political decisions, entrepreneurial support, but at last, it still relies on involvement of the general public to change the consumption behavior in China,” Li said. “Every single one of us has to believe in the low-carbon concept and slowly adapt to it.”

That’s exactly right:
It is not “either / or,” but it is “both / and,” across the entire spectrum of the personal, the social, the economic, and the political.

All elements in the system - including the individuals - have key powerful functions in transitioning from a carbon economy.

Adopting a “low-carbon concept,” and applying it to every facet of life, society, economy.


And it’s fantastic to see the blunt fact of embedded carbon in meat being discussed at the highest level of political power. Placing meat “on the table” in discussing human climate impact.

It would be good to talk more specifically about industrial meat. Atmospheric carbon from chickens raised at home who eat primarily grubs and scraps, approaches zero. But great to see this report.


So1 seventh of the world’s population eats just over 1 fourth of the world’s meat? Yes, cutting Chinese meat consumption by half makes sense. But I trust that the Chinese will not compensate by eating the rest of the world’s fish.

However, think of the lost Chinese market for non-Chinese meat producers! Aaaaagh! It will collapse economies!


Act locally to work globally. Educate a car driver to take public transport and not use their car and that one person will use less fuel. And if each person persuades two others, then just work out the effect of 2 to the power 50 to see the result. Big Oil will not go away whilst there is a market; the only thing that will change Big Oil is the market.


I agree Carol, seeds, nuts, and beans are a great and kind source of protein and easy on the climate, but all the friends I’ve asked have strongly objected to being eaten.


The Chinese in Yulin in the southern part of China are having their dog/ cat eating festival. I hope they stop eating all animals. Many of the animals are tortured beforehand.


“They”? how would you like if every public display in your country was taken to mean You and everyone?


I just had a realization, cattle were mainly a way for cold regions people of Euope to get extra protein “highland cattle” the mastif in france scotland germany austria switzerland …etc… And often used for butter and milk mainly. In many places were for status or dowry. India of course didnt need to eat them at all! And they have always had a lot of people living in marginal ecosystems.

The ancestor of the cow Bos primegenis didnt go extinct until approx 1600’s and only then by sport hunting hierarchy.

We grow millions of cows in desert conditions now for luxury and “comfort food” “cultural identity” we simply do not need that protein.