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Less Meat, More Plants for Healthier People and Planet: Coalition


i just read this reply for the second time and it’s excellent! Thanks J4Z for condensing so much into such concise form.


Nothing more self-absorbed than being willing to kill and inflict cruelty on other sentient beings (who want to live and avoid pain as much as you do) just to gratify some absolutely unnecessary indulgent, appetite, it’s the beginning of the cultivation of the psychopath gene; nothing more idiotic than not being able to notice this glaringly obvious insight.


The headline makes a great deal of sense. The article isn’t bad - but reading the comments, I wonder if people are smart enough to survive. American’s fascination with 18 ounce steaks - with Cheeseburgers - with meat as the primary focus of every meal is neither healthy, nor good for the planet. Vegans, who are informed and careful about their diet - can live very healthy lives, but for most people a blended diet is much more beneficial to both their own health, their finances, and the environment. There is an ecological balance in top soil which requires animal waste for health. We artificially substitute “chemical fertilizer” to grow crops, but as more time and more acres are transformed into these “chemical receptors”, we make our world more fragile. We compound this by “feedlot” operations, trucking feed - and concentrating animal waste beyond the ability of the environment to safely and efficiently utilize it. Meanwhile, we find people “locked into unsustainable” positions, be they “vegan” or “meat eaters”. Many world cultures have learned how to use meat as flavor - protein - integral parts of healthy diets featuring grains and fruits and vegetables. Instead of fighting industry alone, perhaps people should learn to cook, shop, and live healthy.


None of the vegetables you mention are fresh vegetables and you admit that your lentils are locally grown. They are things that are preserved through the winter.

But most health-foodies insist on eating fresh baby spinach, tomato’s, lettuce, kale, chard etc. even in the dead of winter - and those things were trucked, or even flown, from places far away - often from nearly the other side of the earth. My wife gave me Brussels sprouts yesterday - I can guarantee you that the closest place that Brussels sprout could be coming from in March would be Chile or Argentina or Australia.


Well, I’m very sorry about your wife’s condition but you should stop confusing your beliefs about it and your grossly inaccurate stereotypes and prejudices with important truths about what changes in diet this article, an increasing number of studies and sense say are needed for human and biosphere survival.

Meanwhile, meat addicts are among those driving the biosphere into the grave. Maybe we should do something to stop that.


UN studies like this one?


Oh no, of course not this one, it disagrees with what your confused and unconscious emotions are telling you must be true for you to be happy.

Since you’ve cited no science, have demonstrated a number of times that what you’re certain you know about me is absolutely wrong, misuse the words “prude”, “xenophobia” and “ethnocentricity” in attempted insults that seem so far off the mark they must be completely randomly chosen or just reflect your ignorant stereotypes, and you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about concerning anything either of us has said I’ll end here. And judging me by what you claim some guy who was wrong about most things said more than 100 years ago after one visit to the US? Wow. Talk about ignorance… You seem to epitomize the definition of an angry, obstructive, arrogant, Dunning-Kruger infected troll. And a defensive meat addict at that. Very, very sad. I recommend psychotherapy. (not psychoanalysis)


You misspelled my name.

You again misused the word when you referred to my calling something delicious, “prudish”. ??? Huh? You do understand that makes absolutely no sense at all, don’t you?

You argue questions of taste as if they’re questions of fact and then go on as if only you know the facts.

You again misspelled my name.

You mistake reasoned argument for “proselytizing fundamentalism”, perhaps projecting, since that’s exactly what you’re doing.

You misspelled “canard”–I presume.

If you can show evidence that any of the following–meat, extra heart disease, cancer, or worldwide destruction–are necessary for a happy fulfilling life I’ll be happy to retract my statement, which in any case is not remotely anything like rigid or judgemental [sic–is your spell check not working at all?] language. I mention the spelling things because you seem as grossly careless with language as you are with facts, accusations, attempted random and inapplicable insults and reasoning. Wow. Therapy, please. Do it before it’s too late.


Wow. I just can’t help it. anti-intellectual? drivel? omaha? [sic]
Not that I believe you for a second, or care about your language ability and ability to use a post hole digger but clearly English is not a language you speak, because you’ve misused about every 5th word in your posts and still, everything you “accuse” me of–with no context and no justification at all–is not only wrong it’s wildly, idiotically, insanely wrong. I guess you’re just trying to fight for the sake of fighting because your posts make no sense whatever in any way and the anti-factual, anti-scientific claims which you made and decline to support are just hanging there as evidence. If you actually do have a PhD I’d send it back with a note saying you realize you don’t by any means deserve it, along with all your other degrees, diplomas and certificates of attendance past elementary school. Holy proprietary fracking fluid, man (or woman), grow up. Goodbye.