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Lesson From Special Election: Run on Social Security, Medicare and Lower Drug Prices

Lesson From Special Election: Run on Social Security, Medicare and Lower Drug Prices

Nancy Altman

Though you wouldn’t know it from the media coverage, Democrat Conor Lamb — the upset victor in the most recent congressional special election — strongly supports expanding, not cutting, Social Security and Medicare. He is also a strong proponent of using the power of the federal government to lower drug prices.

It worth pointing out that Donald S Trump ran on all of these things. He promised no cuts to Social Security, to protect Medicare and Health Care for the poor, and to pass legislation that would lower drug prices.

This should demonstrate that what a person RUNS ON is meaningless.


What is the current level of poverty among seniors. The U.S. Census Bureau has two different measurements of poverty. The usual definition of poverty and the supplemental rate of poverty. Change the definition and you have a different rate.

Anyone in office that wants to save Social Security should stop voting for all the measures that cut it. Orrin Hatch is the worst of the worst.

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I’ve always hated the guy. His real name should be Oily Hatch. One of the sleaziest, oiliest politicians.

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I couldn’t agree more. He is retiring after this term and I doubt he has any consideration for others that live on retirement income or future generations.

I agree that social security needs to be increased but the metric for determining how much you pay to fund it needs to be modified. No limit on wages; if you make a million dollars a year you pay the same percentage as the person that makes $10k. SS funds do not go into a slush fund that anyone, including the military, can steal. Since SS is bought and paid for and the money hasn’t been stolen there is no need to escalate the annual deficit every year to fund it because you haven’t squandered the nest egg. If you need more money to guarantee your citizens a dignified retirement then you raise the rate on everyone to get there. This is simple and is only thwarted by a callous disregard for others and plain and simple greed.


He’s a Mormon and if you are not a Mormon he doesn’t give a shit about you. Simple as that.

Driven by the Mormon agenda.

Well put! Agree wholeheartedly!

Well right sort of, but there is a cap that is taxed for SSA, people that make a million dollars have other resources, but the cap should be raised. Currently though, SSA has a two trillion plus surplus. Really it is one of the best inventions possible.

“When elected representatives fear the voters you have democracy. When voters fear the elected representatives you have tyranny” - Thomas Jefferson

I have observed that the latter has dominated the Murkin political landscape for more than three decades.

Most Murkins do not apply critical thinking and believe that whatever mainstream media serially feeds them for decades is fact.

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This is all well and good but if candidates don’t/won’t stand for peace or support warmongering the country will be bankrupt and no one gets much of anything except our greedy and power loving rulers who wil have their fortunes in secret offshore islands.

They do this dance every election. It’s all the Ds have left. The Ds say “they want to save SS from the big meanie Rs.” Senors worry they’ll be cut off or cut down. The D wins and does nothing. Rinse, wash, repeat – it never changes.

Make no mistake, the Rs are not going to do away with SS. Not if they ever want anyone older than 45 to vote for them again. There is little support to do this. It’s the threat that stays alive. This way neither the Rs nor the Ds need to raise benefits, and how could they? – they’re spending all their time “saving” SS. This conversation happens with every election and seniors walk away grateful for — nothing.