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Lessons From Battling the Pentagon for Four Decades

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/16/lessons-battling-pentagon-four-decades

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This is an instructive summary of how the war industry has come to be such a threat to our national well-being. Even local police forces have started arming themselves with assault weapons designed for invasion into hostile territories, heightening the distrust and anger tearing at civil society.

The military budget has grown so large that, for over 30 years, it’s become impossible to even audit. Our politics, indeed our thinking, has gotten stuck in a negative groove from which we’ve got to escape - before we dig our collective graves.


US Culture has been immersed in Militarism for so long trying to define a USA where it not front and center to far too many members of the Public would be like trying to explain to a fish what it like to live outside of water. Part of the consolidation of the arms producing industry also happened in an environment where the media consolidated (again thanks to CLINTON) and that consolidation saw the shares in media and the industry even more consolidated to they controlled by fewer and fewer entities.

The mainstream media in other words has a vested interest in promoting more Military spending as it enhances the profits flowing to the same small groups of people that control the media. In other words the media and the Public in its current state are not going to be much help here.

The only help you will get is via people such as William Hartung and he needs help getting that message out there.


One way to battle the Pentagon is to stop the endless fear mongering it uses to boost their budget. Take back commercial free public media. Restore the Fairness Doctrine. No lobbyists, corporate or professional politicians. Use secure digital online referendums to make and vote on laws:

“To appreciate the potential benefits of direct lawmaking, consider Switzerland. There, an administration based on the U.S. Constitution has been combined with direct democracy. The result is without precedent in human history; Switzerland has evolved into one of the most successfully governed nations in the world…”


Kudos to the great Bill Hartung.

Below is the email I received yesterday from Just Foreign Policy about the passage of the the NDAA in the House by a vote of 377 Yeahs and only 48 No… Today it went to the Senate for a vote. I live in the supposedly Blue state of Oregon where only two of our Representatives voted NO against this monstrosity that didn’t include stopping the carnage in Yemen but included spending on the stupid Space Force.

If you are so moved, call your Senators at the phone number in the email below. And if any of your Representatives voted for this horrible defense spending bill (D or R), you can email them and let them know that you will never vote for them again.

Just Foreign Policy - email

Nancy Pelosi and House Armed Services Committee Chair Adam Smith crammed a Pentagon funding bill through the House last week that increases the military budget and doesn’t end the Yemen war (or the militarization of Space). You can see which House members voted no on the NDAA here and who voted yes here.

Rep. Ro Khanna gave a powerful speech on the House floor, calling it “Orwellian” that some Democrats would actually call this $738 billion military bill “progressive”.

Now it’s the Senate’s turn. And what’s really interesting about the Senate right now is that five Senators are running for President, and two of them are Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who both have denounced this bill and pledged to vote no. This is going to generate media attention about which Democrats vote with Bernie and Warren against the Pentagon and the Yemen war and which Democrats vote with Trump and Pelosi. Obviously, we want those stories to say that Senate Democrats are standing with the leaders who oppose insane Pentagon spending and the brutal Yemen war, not that Senate Democrats sided with Trump and Pelosi and in favor of endless military spending and war.

This is the final push on this year’s NDAA - we need your help!

If you have Democratic Senators, we need you to call them tomorrow (Monday) at 202-224-3121 and report your call here to help us keep track of how Senators plan to vote.

May The Force be with the people and peace!!!

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This issue is a complete farce.

And every time I hear Democrats ask us progressives “how are you going to pay for it?” when we talk about urgent policy priorities like EIMFA (Hillary just used precisely those words not 10 days ago) my blood boils.

Bernie needs to say it on the debate stage and call out fellow Democrats like Buttigieg, Klobuchar, and Biden: There’s always money for wars we can’t win and weapons systems we don’t need.


Much of this began as Truman was approached by one or more plane manufacturers at the end of WW2.
They built planes and sold them to government to stay afloat. As the air bases maxed out with planes we should have reformed the policy, but I guess we are still buying them, and drones, etc.
This article tells the rest in plain language, but there are many angles in this story, and today it ends with the Space Force sham. Extract more tax dollars to watch them disappear.

As it happens, there has been no such luck when it comes to reining in the Pentagon.

And in my view, the Pentagon now has too many $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and too much political, power to ever be “reined in” The latest $738,000,000,000.00 egregious, Pentagon, budget approval by Congress with no accountability…proves to me, Amerika is like any other Banana Republic, a military… dictatorship!