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Lessons From the COVID-19 Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/01/lessons-covid-19-pandemic

Beyond Trump, whose failures have been discussed ad nauseam here, a great read on how so much destruction of our society came to be is contained in Thomas Franks’ (2008) The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule. In it he addresses how incompetents are put into high positions so that government breaks, it can then be pointed out that government is broken, and then the argument for contracting out governmental responsibilities to cronies is augmented. We know that Reagan led off the relay race of this shit-show and to whom the baton has been passed throughout the years. The only way to put a true stop to this bullshit is to do what has become the impossible, owing to the corporate conspiracy against the People:


Don’t expect the American Corporotocracy to allow ( they’ll use any means necessary ), another Sandernista-type uprising, any time soon. The UniParty Consensus has had quite enough of grassroots, bottom up democratic impulses, thank you very much. " We’re done here! Get back to your spot on the MEAT LINE ".
It is becoming increasingly obvious who, and what, is aligning with the forces of Big Business to squelch and smother progressive/populist political insurgency ( Rights? You have none! ) against the entrenched forces of the status quo.
The wedding of the Police & Security State to the metadata and general information collection of Google, Facebook and The Alphabets will cause a " self- preemption " of community, and united affinity groups.* See the state’s efforts to kill any Corporate liability for " opening up " the economy after this COVID-19 " shut down. " Hey; no organized oppositions; no headaches and no problems. What’s not to like? The stock market is up ".
The well-oiled machine of neo-fascism, masked like this current pandemic in patriotism and extreme self-sacrifice, will keep rolling on. The public relations and marketing departments of the state " will getter done ", by hook or by crooks. Actually, they may prefer the crooks’ way. It is so much faster just to threaten indefinite detention and personal ruin, right? Trumpian Order with a twist of ( the arm or neck ) the UniParty Consensus.
The 99s will be constantly put thru the Corporate Sieve, administeed by The Corporate Judicial State, enforced by the Police & Security State.
Welcome to The Meat Packing Rules: American-Style Economics 101 For Dummies.
By fiat, no less.

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