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Lessons From the Healthcare Wars: or Why Democrats Will Be Disappointed in 2018


Lessons From the Healthcare Wars: or Why Democrats Will Be Disappointed in 2018

John Atcheson

One of the things that came as a complete surprise to the establishment media and the punditocracy was the speed with which the attempt to repeal Obamacare mobilized support for it as well as for a single payer, Medicare for all approach to health care. A recent poll found that a slim majority now favors single payer or protecting Obamacare, but the trend is clearly upward on both, and that’s without a coherent and unified push from either party.


I don’t think offering the Democrats advice is worth the effort. The big donor gravy train is obviously more important to them than policies that help the working class. So, they made their bed, there they shall lie.


The Democrats will indeed be disappointed in 2018. Unlike the fascists who have a Orange Demigod of Hate and Ignorance and his minions to vote for, the Democrat’s have what exactly???

Motivated hate and greed vs status quo and apathy. Gee what could happen???


The ACA is not a platform to run on. It is overly complicated it leaves 30 million people with absolutely no coverage and millions more with inadequate coverage. It was written by and for the insurance and parma industries. Regardless to people responding positively to a few of its multitude of provisions, overall it is a terrible Act. If the neolibs had embraced the truly progressive National Improved Medicare For All HR676, which was on books at the time, the GOP would not have been able to take control of the conversation and HR676 would have had exuberant support of the people. HR676 is simple and straight forward and EASILY explained. Everybody in Nobody Out. No premiums or co-pays. Vision, dental, and mental health included. Easy. Not affordable. Bull shit. We’re already paying for it. We just aren’t getting what we pay for. Easy.

No, instead the neolibs put forth Obama’s 10 or so (don’t remember the exact number) of vague and meaningless requirements for supposed minimum standards for the act. It was a real embarrassment and slap in the face for those who were working for real health care reform.


Yes, ACA project manager Liz Fowler made sure that the ACA detoured US healthcare away from any progress in the direction of universal health care while it further complicated an already complex shell game.

Mentioning the ACA during the 2018 campaign is indeed a sure way to lose.


The last sentence sums up the Democratic strategy, and the reason the 99%, for all practical purposes, has no representation in congress. Most of us here realize this. The battle for the control of the party is over, we lost. A third party is our only hope, and with the use of corrupted voting machines, we will need a landslide.


“How did encouraging fracking and allowing exploration for new reserves square with leaving 80 percent of the already known reserves in the ground?”

Atcheson must know the answer to that. Natural gas is used to replace coal which emits about twice as much carbon dioxide when burned. Clinton’s aim was to reduce coal burning. Okay, it gets a little more complicated when methane emissions from fracking are included. But I think Clinton was focused on carbon dioxide emissions and those emissions do account for about 75% of global warming and that percentage keeps growing . She also encouraged fracking as Secretary of State to reduce dependence on Russia by many countries that received natural gas from Russia.


“A third party is our only hope.”

Amen to that.

Those of us who know people, friends, relatives, co-workers, that are incapable of seeing past the moniker “Democrat”, We are also a very disappointed group.


The thing you gotta realize about the Democratic Party is that they DON’T MIND LOSING elections. They do mind losing donors. As long as they still win enough of the time to maintain ballot status and stay in the debates, and thus get donations, they don’t care if the Republicans control everything. It has its advantages, in fact–they can tell the fools who still think the party represents liberals that they TRIED to do something about the environment, or women’s rights, or the poor, or immigrants, or labor rights, or the middle class, etc., but got outvoted. They can even vote right 100% of the time with no impact. Now, they still have enough seats they sometimes have to play the game where just enough Democrats vote for some stinking gift to the plutocrats to get it through, and don’t publicize that vote. They can take turns doing the dirty work. Once they have no power at all they won’t have to take such turns–they can just sit back and let the Republicans alternate between doing the will of their corporate and plutocrat funders, and the will of the Christian fascists that make up their public face.This is a dangerous situation.


Nancy and Chuck do want to win in Nov. ----then they can stuff their pockets with bigger bribes—you do gotta win sometimes to stay in the game.

If Obama had supported national healthcare with the democratic majorities in 09 democrats would be in charge today.


You don’t need to invent the needed third party. It exists, has ballot access and embraces healthcare for all and just about everything else progressives want. It is the Green Party. Before I start getting the hate from the Democratic bots and shills that will be coming at me, I’m going to try and head them off. No we don’t get Republicans elected every November, the Democrats do that all by their neo-con selves. This article lays out one of their major flaws concisely. This past weekend’s episode of NPR’s This American Life, which dealt with a progressive Congressional candidate from NY whom the Democratic party has done everything to push out of the race, just proves why all progressives should give up on the Democratic Party as totally corrupted by big money, and is unreformable. It confirms why I left the party after the revelations from the 2016 campaign, the sacking of the Sanders campaign from the DNC/Clinton campaign and all that.

We know that our system only allows two political parties at a time to be viable. I argue that the Democratic Party does not, and can no longer serve the interests of The People and needs to die and go away. I have vowed to spend the rest of my days making the Green Party the successor party, a party that is run by it’s members, rejects big money and the control of the oligarchy, and will always act in the interests of the 99%. No, we haven’t gotten very far yet. Mostly because the election rules have been written by the other two parties to prevent competition. But the Democrats can be taken down if we unite behind the banner of the Greens, use our ballot access for the progressive movement in general, and go after them to win once and for all. That is why they so viciously and deceitfully attack me and others who tell the truth about the Dems, and advocate for the Greens to replace them. They know what they are doing to keep us down and “in our place”. We must reject that, rise up and send the Democratic party to the ash heap of history with the Whigs.


This is really BAD news for America, not just the Dem party. Unless you are very rich, expect your life to change in definite negative ways.

Everyday, Rethuglicons, the party in power, is just sitting back while scrambling to raid taxpayer-funded coffers for them and their donors, they sit still while the dictator lover-trump and his henchmen destroy our civil rights, voting rights, rights to freedoms we take for granted and little if anything is ever mentioned in the donor owned corporate news cycle. So the majority of us go on with fighting our trivial lives, ignorant to just how bad our lives will most likely become. That’s pretty much a guarantee.

Do whatever we can to vote while we can for progressives. I am beyond angry with establishment Dems. They are doing so much damage to us ALL! If we don’t turn this ship around, we will all go down, and it will be ugly and scary.


To get a successful 3rd party in action, you need big money. That is the one real thing you need. You can get another party as president, but that will mean nothing if you still have calcitrant Rethugs and Dems holding Congress. Voting for a 3rd party is spinning your wheels. You know that doesn’t change anything. Establishment Dems and Rethugs won’t change no matter how huge 3rd party fans become.

Progressives need radio to reach all of Americans. Rethugs cornered the market on that. As they do TV. No such thing as liberal media being “so big” as rethugs always lie about. It’s all about the money, and by far Rethugs and their greedy donors have that, especially now with their Dec 2017 tax scam.

I remember seeing Ralph Nader on stage with Ted Turner and another billionaire and discussing how vital Nader thought their big bucks would be necessary to get a 3rd party started. The discussion was a joke as both rich aholes were more concerned with themselves and their public image than what Nader’s objective was. Nader even wrote a book about it. Forgot the title, something about needing a billionaire to save our democracy.


Lrx, you continue to make yourself irrelevant. Just like the rest of the Dem. establishment.


If there’s a blue anything come November, it will more likely be a blue piddle. Remember, too, for every progressive D that wins in November, there is likely to be another establishment Democrat that also wins. After all, those are the candidates that will get the party money and support.

Finally, any progressive leaning new-comers to the party will still find themselves stuck in a party that has an ever-present conservative bloc that votes with the Republicans on a predictable basis and that bloc is more than sufficient to neutralize any progressive influence. To stop Trump in November, then, will require a progressive wave of historical proportions, not just a blue wave. There aren’t enough progressives running to even make that happen. The party will remain solidly establishment and centrist.

The bottom line is that the Democratic party is pulling yet another con job with its much-hyped blue wave talk. It’s another empty “hope and change” promise that only serves, yet again, to divert voters away from a third party option. As a vehicle for change, the Democratic party is rusting hulk that should have been processed for scrap, long ago.


“But the reality is, conservatives won because they were the only ones to show up for the debate.”

Also because conservatives have the money, own the media, corporations, Wall Street, Big Banks and bribe, disgrace or assassinate liberal politicians, pack the courts, own the MIC, police, spy establishment, propaganda foundations, elections, Big Religion and anything that money can buy and corrupt.


I agree with most of you’re post. I’m not a member, but voted Green in the last election. I am confused about you’re comment about ballot access. As I understand it the Greens need 5% nationwide in the election to achieve continued ballot access, as we know, officially that didn’t happen. I use the term “officially” because I’m convinced there was vote tampering that denied the party that 5%. Please explain if I’m incorrect.
The landslide that I referred to in my above post was achievable in 2016 if Sanders would have taken up Steins offer to run on the Green ticket, the Dem party would have been dead at that point. That is what’s needed in the future IMHO, a politician with Sanders popularity in the Green party that will pull all of the progressive voters from the rightward bound Dem party.


Have to respectfully disagree, for true progressives, spinning you’re wheels means voting Dem. The Dem party knows that all they need to soundly win the presidency and congress is adopt the popular values of the progressive wing of their party, yet they fight this at every turn. They do this because they are addicted to Wall Street and corp. money, that allows them to be complicit with the repug. party in overthrowing our society values. I have no illusions that destroying the Dem party will be easy, but do believe it’s essential to regaining the country I want for my kids and grandkids.


That is not true. Ballot status is determined by each individual state. The Green party did do well enough in 2016 to gain continued ballot status in more states than they have had since Ralph Nadar ran - but that is merely because of the laws in individual states.
The five percent threshold is important for alternative parties because if you reach that level you are eligible for public matching funding


What “dpearl” says is true. However, in addition to those federal rules, and this is what I was referring to, each state has their own requirements for gaining and keeping ballot access for third parties, usually rules that DO NOT apply to the Democrats and Republicans. In Ohio for instance, if the Green Party does not get 3% of the gubernatorial vote this November we lose our ballot access statewide for all offices, and since the Republicans changed the rules to get on the ballot after the 2014 election, it would be nearly impossible for us to regain that access. The Libertarians can’t even qualify for ballot access in Ohio. It is critical that our gubernatorial candidate, Constance Gadell-Newton get the vote of every Ohio progressive who believes there is a better way to govern. She is also the ONLY candidate for Ohio Governor who IS NOT a member of the NRA, and does support an assault weapons ban, and other sensible gun control measures, as well as supporting a $15 minimum wage for all with no exceptions, health care as a right, full reproductive rights for women, free tuition at state colleges and universities, and the rest of the progressive agenda.