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Lest We Ever Forget, Three Lists for Donald Trump

Lest We Ever Forget, Three Lists for Donald Trump

Michael Winship
You may know this famous old political joke, but please indulge my current fantasy.
Call it the tale of three envelopes. The outgoing president of the United States tells the new president, “I’ve left three envelopes at the Oval Office in the top drawer of your desk, the very last thing I did before ending my presidency. When you have your first big crisis, open Envelope #1. When you have your second crisis, open Envelope #2. And when you have your third, open Envelope #3.”

Good grief indeed.

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People are a couple of bricks short of a load that voted for either Trump or Clinton. What a colossal fraud every which way you look. Garbage out, garbage in.


No, the White House (and its surrounding city) has not morphed into a swamp.  To be precise, it has been a fœtid swamp for several decades, and has over the past sixteen months morphed into an open cesspool.

I was at the Social Security office the other day and man what a shock that was. First because it was raining which is now not all that common but it was the line outside the door and people standing in the rain. It had been years since I had visited this building so I was surprised to know that I would be searched before I could enter the building. I told the people conducting the searches, you know most of the people here are either old or disabled, is it a good idea to have them standing in the rain. I got, it is a homeland security directive and they don’t listen to us. Just doing our job as he search my purse. Well ok then but you know it is creepy, at least they were not doing cavity searches.