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Lester Holt Asks Zero Questions About Poverty, Abortion, Climate Change


Lester Holt Asks Zero Questions About Poverty, Abortion, Climate Change

Adam Johnson

Presidential debates do as much to illustrate corporate media priorities as they do to showcase the candidates. They provide a snapshot into what the media, in this case represented by NBC’s Lester Holt, prioritizes as issues worthy of discussion.


At this point, he would probably be looking for a new job if he had, not that this Sideshow was anything but.


Would you expect anything else?

The average American citizen has absolutely no participation in political power and as such is not important to the corporate state. Cicero said: " freedom is participation in political power." Lester Holt works for the corporate state. The debate was just another big con to make the American people believe by choosing and voting, they are participating in the democratic process, when nothing could be further from the truth!

Dr. Jill Stein...the greening of America!


Fitting that all three rings of the circus should be filled by clowns


Didn't watch the debate as I figured there wouldn't be any important questions asked. Besides, who cares what the unqualified and the disqualified think about anything? They certainly wouldn't want to be asked about the two most high priority issues, that being 1A) Climate Change and 1B) Money in Politics. #JillNotHill


Don't blame poor Les; he's just doing his job...keeping the American voters compliant by (in this instance) omission.
Nothing to $ee here folks; move along (to the next sideshow-quality question).


Oh, please. Don't say stupid things just because you didn't get YOUR questions as the lead off hitters. The debate was to be 90 min and there are two more to come.

This kind of petulance is not helpful, but then you aren't really trying to be, are you?

But I understand--deadlines are a bitch when you've got nothing but air in your head and only white space on the screen.


mjn, i've suggested to you before that if you used white space (paragraphing) and less capital letters and punctuation marks, your comments would be easier to read and digest. i give up most of the time on what you write even though i think it might be good stuff b/c i just can't handle the format you use. please reconsider........


to begin with, these debates are not debates. they're performances for ratings. the host had little if any control of the candidates, much less exploration of the topics....which was not his agenda to begin with. it's all totally in keeping with keep amerika dumb still.......


you are so on target....thx.


Media base decisions about content on what they believe will appeal to their target audience -- middle class consumers.
Politicians focus their campaigns on appealing to middle class campaign donors. This takes priority over addressing a number of critically important issues, and the issues that are raised are framed in a way to appeal to their target audience. In the US, information is a commodity tailored to the consumers' interests.

Liberal media have been just as inadequate. Consider that they have spent the past eight years Standing in Solidarity with middle class alone (occasional pat on the head to low wage workers), oblivious to our poverty crisis. At most, they imply that the worst off any American can be is a minimum wage worker (incomes double our former welfare aid). On the current issue of police violence, they restrict their concerns to the cases of white cops killing black people, ignoring the fact that many of the cops who shoot are black, and that the majority of those who are shot are white.

Politics and media today are all about good marketing practices.


Shh. We're supposed to forget about that.


Holt came off as an incompetent "pussy" as a moderator!


You mean about half the country?