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Let Bernie Be


Let Bernie Be

Bernard Weisberger

Am I living in the same country as the current editors of the mainstream media and the high-placed officials of the Democratic Party? Do we speak the same language?


The establishment of the Democratic Party doesn't need to fear Bernie. They need to fear us, those of us who came to back him - not the corporate establishment wing of the party. We hate you as much as you hate and loath us. We will NEVER vote for your sell-out mouthpiece, Hillary. We WILL walk away from the Democrats and vote third party to make you lose and send you a message that we've had enough of you being another party of the rich and uncaring. #NeverHillary.


Weisberger sheds some great historical perspective on the 2016 election cycle, however, revising "Democratic Leadership Council's (DLC) compromises" to "DLC's" CAPITULATION at the end of his second to final paragraph would correct the one inaccuracy in the article.

Selling out is not compromise, selling out is capitulation.


And thus the selection of Elizabeth Warren for Hillary's running mate.

Warren has been a true progressive in most of her political career.
She has fought stridently for every cause she has believed in. This is on full display in many of the senate hearing videos.

With her selection, Hillary can simply say to Bernie's supporters - "We get it. Ms. Warren has been doing exactly what you want." Implying - go away you fools.

I am truly disappointed in Senator Warren's alignment. Part of me wants to hope that her being the VP will swing things left. But I have seen the smoke and mirrors of the past eight years.


Sanders said early on he would not run as a third party candidate because he did not want to be "irrelevant" like Nader was.

Two problems; First of all, Ralph Nader has never been and never will be irrelevant. The reason is he has never compromised and sunk to supporting the corrupt Democratic party, but has remained a sharp critic of the pro-corporate two-party duopoly that props up the oligarchy that runs the US.

Second, Bernie, if he does cave in to pressure and backs Clinton, claiming that promises to run on a supposedly "progressive" party platform, that is exactly the way for him to become "irrelevant." Sanders had no way of knowing, when he made that statement, that he was about to spark a huge uprising of voters sick of the status quo. He never expected to be winning nearly half the primaries and caucuses (and perhaps still even the largest state, California, when all the votes are finally counted) on an "Open Letter to Bernie" which CD editors have still chosen not to run, though it's run all over the place on other sites.

It's a different world now from when he announced back in 2015. Now he can actually go the distance. If he continues to attack Clinton, and accepts offers from Jill Stein and other Green leaders to run as the Green's presidential candidate, he could actually win the presidency, as I explain at www.thiscantbehappening.net/node/3190. Even if he couldn't win a majority of 270 electoral delegates needed to win outright, if he outpolled Clinton and the two of them together won over 270 electoral votes, he could force her to hand over her electors (allowed under the law), lest she end up causing the results of a no-majority election to go to the current Republican House for a resolution.

Dave Lindorff
founding editor of ThisCantBeHappening.net


He brought millions of energetic activists into the Democratic fold because they believed in his political revolution...

I think the great majority of these "energetic activists" have by no means been "brought into the Democratic fold". The Democratic party is just a tool, like a board you might use to pry a rock loose. If the board doesn't work for that, you throw it aside and look for a better way to move the rock. You don't think about how you can change your plans so the board will become useful.


Perhaps we should let Bernie be because he WON. What naivete and failure to face reality allows us to notice all the corrupt steps that were taken to install HRC - including millions of "lost" or "provisional" votes - then sigh, move all such thoughts to the brain's delete bin, recognize her as the "winner," and hope that Bernie will continue to fight for a progressive Democratic platform (irrelevant). Virtually no continuing discussion or mention, even on CD, of her outrageous journey to victory. What is the source of our need to recover our innocence continually?


I just don't see Warren as VP. The D's will already be in enough trouble with the H. Can they really get away with running TWO WOMEN at the top of the ticket? I have no trouble with it being two women, if it was the RIGHT two women. But I don't think the US citizens are ready to go there yet. Not to mention Drumpf would have a field day.


The last of the 60's hippies along with today’s millennials...what a power combo that would be!


Nice analogy!


He is entitled to a hell of a lot more than platform concessions.

Either he or a strong surrogate should get SoS and/or Sof Treasury, and throw in Energy or Interior or Commerce.

I am also considering changing my write-in Bernie to Jill Stein, because many states do not count write ins. I think my state will only count if it would make a difference (Oregon).


How Can the Movement Continue & Send a Wake Up Call to Hillary and the DNC?

Endorse the PLATFORM of the GREEN PARTY this week.
Here's the idea:

As Yogi said It Ain't Over Until It's Over!
Uncounted ballots, FBI CRIMINAL investigation and an endorsement of the Green Party platform.

Dear Bernie & Jill:
Please consider.
A true win win proposition for you and Jill Stein- and most importantly, the progressive movement.
Make it well known and publicize to the max a major meeting with Jill Stein, candidate of the Green Party.
It needs to be this week- possibly right after the DC primary.
Let it be known how much you admire, respect and support her platform.
In fact if you look at social media and progressive news outlets you'll find 3 typical reactions and thoughts:
1. Bernie or bust (and given the way the system is rigged I can't blame those folks)
2. Write In vote for Bernie. Equally understandable.
3. Or do as I do stating: “If not Bernie (come on FBI) then I'm voting for a woman- and her name is Jill Stein.”


Imagine the shockwaves at the Clinton campaign and the DNC when Bernie endorses the Green Party PLATFORM.
Ouch...oh behave, baby!
Notice that I didn't say endorse the candidate. Not yet. I said endorse the progressive platform of the Green Party which is very similar to yours- as opposed to the corporate infused and Wall Street influenced Democratic platform.

It's called leverage.

With the possibility- note possibility- of you eventually endorsing the candidate as well- I have a feeling the progressive platform receives much greater attention and gets much more respect than the lip service that will be rendered by Hillary, Debbie, Barney, Dannel and the other sell outs.

Then take it one more step. When you endorse the platform let it be known that you & Jill will be meeting again the day after the Democratic Convention.While you are committed to defeating Trump you will evaluate based on how the progressive agenda was received at the convention by the DNC, whether you and the progressive movement can best defeat Trump working with the Green Party or with the Clinton campaign.
Bernie - time to play a little hardball. (Choke on that, Chris Matthews- you fraud)

You can write your own ticket.
Hillary needs your support, your enthusiasm , your base, and your mailing lists of donors.
The thought of you backing Jill will be a giant wake-up call to the DNC that the movement not only continues- it has options.
I can just see Bill Clinton, James Carville, John Podesta and David Brock going berserk. Pundits will have a field day. Main stream media and the DNC just encountered a glitch in the coronation ceremony.
And if you doubt the impact of this arrangement with Jill you should monitor social media and progressive sites.
Most of your supporters are very determined to fight on - If not you then Jill!


Jill has received a yuuuge polling bump since the fraudulent election in California.
If Jill wants to get on more state ballots and expand her base, then associating with Bernie would certainly be a positive step forward.
Then to have Bernie publicly endorse the Green Party platform? Jill- I hope your web site can handle the demand. Your polling numbers and financial support will increase significantly.
And if the DNC treat Bernie, his delegates and the progressive movement like crap- as they have been- after the convention get on board with Jill.
Bernie :
As a supporter a donor and a voter please don't endorse Clinton. There are options.
Play it out: Send a message to the DNC and Hillary.
Third party is a definite possibility!
As you've said all along- it's not about me, it's about the movement.
And the movement wants to continue moving forward with like minded progressives.
Imagine a Bernie email to all his supporters stating he endorses the Green Party platform and that they should visit the Green Party web site and get to know Dr. Jill Stein.
And if Hillary and her team go ballistic over this...priceless!



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The swing states in this election will be Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida. The VP candidate will be from one of those states,


The Internet is the greatest challenge of my 87 years, but I shall persevere because of the opportunity to connect with like-minded humans. In 1948 I couldn't vote, but I did volunteer with the Henry Wallace campaign in Chicago. It changed the Dems for awhile. The campaign was pretty wild but it did deal with the racism boldly. I listened to Robeson change the words to the song Ole Man River from "get a little drunk and you land in jail" to "say the wrong thing and you land in jail", on election night as I was going home from my waitress job at a posh hotel I saw the tribune headline "Dewey Defeats Truman" at the same time the radio nearby was giving the election results, Truman winning. My education at the free city college infected me with the desire for truth. Now, living on a dirt road in rural Michigan I talk, I write, I read, I listen - but if this old computer allows, I will comment.....and send those letters to the editor going around in my head as I walk and run in the blessed woods around me. Thank you Thelma and thank you Bernie!!


Who then wins the day when Bill saunters into the cabinet meeting? Senator Warren becomes just another empty chair in a "Tale of Two Presidents."

On the other hand, my wife heard today that the upside is that, when the Republicans impeach Hillary the first week of January 2017--as stated, promised, and determined to do so--, Elizabeth Warren stands a chance to become president. Yay!

Not holding my breath..... Just stay in the Senate, good lady. Hillary needs to hear the opposition, clear and cogent.


And Warren may not be able to pull HRC anywhere, especially re Israel.

If she can break up the banks, I say go for it. If not, stay out. I suppose a big plus would be that she can be Prez after 8 years.

Of course, by then the titanic may be in too deep to ever right.


Prolly why Hill will never select her. Too much comparison would make her look bad, the whole time she was in, if she gets in, which i think she will.


1) Absolutely: he should demand substantive and binding concessions - as I have proposed a number of times on this website.

[baska responses - http://commons.commondreams.org/t/the-struggle-continues-sanders-refuses-to-bend-the-knee/23521/229]

2) To which I would add only that - at this point - Sanders needs a mandate from his supporters in the form a an open letter charging him with the role of demanding and negotiating the democratization of DP rules, and binding commitments on the part of HRC to a progressive short-list for key cabinet posts: it must be clear that pressing for these things is an act of responsibility to his supporters, and that this is indeed what they want.


Instead of writing in "Bugs Bunny" how about "Bernie Sanders" if he can't run.