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Let 'Em Die


Let 'Em Die

Rant time. Some obscene realities of Thursday's proposed budget: One golf trip to Mar-a-lago costs the same as 419,000 seniors' Meals on Wheels (slash), three weeks of Trump Tower security = PBS's budget (cut), $54 billion hike to the military = 1,543 years' funding for Institute of Peace (gone), starving poor kids and the elderly is "compassionate" because feeding them isn't "showing any results." Q: Who are these people? A: Morons and monsters.


So, I just posted this to facebook.... wonder how many Trump supporters will read this ........................AND WEEP.


rump is so disconnected from reality. She/he/it is completely ignorant of the daily struggles of the average person just to survive. It takes a real psychopath to say that taking away a person's supports is an act of compassion. If I ever see rump and his people using crutches to walk or using a wheel chair to get around, I'm pulling them- out of compassion. Forget the War on Terror, to save american's lives we need a War on Trump. I hope the resulting increase in mortality from rump's social budget cuts gets very well monitored and documented. I want numbers in real time.


What a lovely photograph of a typical USAian family eating a spartan and socially responsible meal. Isn't it simply charming?


If Americans could turn on the TV after a day's work and actually get News, or turn on the Car Radio and hear every side of every issue, then a debacle like our Government of the past 53 years would have looked much different from the one now in our History.

And this Spoiled Little Brat would probably long be in Prison, for any of a multitude of offenses.


What this means is we will have to continue to support these necessary programs locally , from the bottom up , making sure our local neighbors and relatives have the necessities to survive the blight that is upon us ,,, FTG perhaps we should all become "smart" and quit paying taxes to finance the maralago forays , etc gak


...and decrease the surplus population."-- E. Scrooge.


" Who are these people?"

Slashing the budget for meals on wheels and for saving lives, among other humanitarian needs and approving an increase of $54,000,000,000 budget for murdering people in illegal wars, for the military. Should tell all Americans that these people do not make the rules but are told what rules to make. The military rules Amerika....no one else!


No, the corporations and oil companies ( and Wall Street ) America .


Not one red cent should be spent on incarcerating The Spoiled Brat...a firing squad would be in order for the traitor.


The US was at it's best when the fed invested directly on infrastructure and social programs. Remember the fifties and sixties? That was why. Also public schools were funded not defunded. Why is the fed the enemy for these people? Notice that congress ( which is part of the fed gov't on the rethug side) hates their own government. I think we need to fire these people, and tell them no pensions.


Not just him either- all of them - the rethugs, the corporations, the dem elites, Remember Marie Antoinette? Maybe they should read again about what happened to her. The spoiled brat indeed- never worked for anyone but daddy, and inherited millions which he bankrupted. And those ties to Russia ( pun also since he imports ties that he has made in China or is it Mexico- I can't keep up.


None- they are too impressed with the DOW.


They are certainly part of the calculus, but if the military refused do their dirty work... they would have no power.


Yes, you've got that right.


In the video, I think it's rather telling that the only taxpayer mentioned is a single mother of two in Detroit rather than the major corporations that basically don't pay any taxes and aren't considered as even potential revenue sources for the government. Notice there was no outburst from the audience, I mean press corps to correct that revenue omission.