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Let Freedom Ring

Let Freedom Ring

It was 80 years ago that acclaimed contralto Marian Anderson took the resolute stage before 75,000 people on the National Mall, overseen by Abraham Lincoln, in an open-air concert now deemed a seminal moment in the civil rights movement. Banned from Constitution Hall by the DAR because she was black, she was introduced by Interior Secretary Harold Ickes, who told the rare-for-the-times multiracial crowd, "In this great auditorium under the sky, all of us are free...Genius draws no color lines."

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Wow, I’d heard of her—but I had never heard her. Wow, again. I always liked that song better than the, " Rockets Red Glare and the bombs bursting, in air," song. I like this one better, “My country tis of thee , sweet land of Liberty, of thee I sing.”
Of course I’m not sure about the “pilgrims pride, " part because this people could be pretty vicious—but besides that, it’s a better song.—especially with, " let freedom ring.”

Maybe if we celebrated LIBERTY and left the Rockets red glare---- out, we’d have a better nation and a better anthem. : )