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Let ‘Gender Reveal’ Parties Burn

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/18/let-gender-reveal-parties-burn

The selfish, narcissistic fools who hosted the gender reveal party should be thrown in prison and forced to give up all their income and assets to pay for the ruination of Nature that their fireworks caused.
The whole idea of a gender reveal party is self-indulgent, identity politics, New Age garbage, the sign of a decadent, spoiled culture.


Imagine the embarrassment of having a forest burned to the ground because it was determined by primary sexual characteristics someone had given birth to another human being. Whatever happened to birth notices? With the added wish, we can’t wait to see what secondary sexual characteristics will reveal.

Moreover the “creator” said the parties themselves have become a symbol of toxic masculinity, because men can’t simply enjoy throwing a party for a baby without setting something on fire or shooting something. I’m willing to set aside the first amendment and say these reveals should be banned on public land. Set your own yard on fire if you must.


Fire and pain

When gender reveal parties include illegal fireworks that spark a 7,000 acre fire in California it is also apparent that we need stricter laws for such manifestations…like life sentences swinging a pulaski on fire lines.

Aside from the fact that “Top scientists really HAVE shown” that gender is not simply binary, much less that the gender of an unborn fetus or even a newborn child is not necessarily “revealed” by the shape of her or his genitalia, is it not excruciatingly asinine to turn the gender of a fetus or a newborn child into a circus event?

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