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'Let Him Arrest Me': Watch Former Trump Aide Say He Won't Submit to Mueller Subpoena


'Let Him Arrest Me': Watch Former Trump Aide Say He Won't Submit to Mueller Subpoena

Jon Queally, staff writer

Following news reports overnight that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller had issued one or more far-reaching subpoenas as part of an ongoing probe into Russian election interference, former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg on Monday let it be known that while he had received such a request, he would not be cooperating with Mueller or submitting to the demand for emails related to his work during the 2016 election.


Trump sure can pick 'em.


Eight years wandering in the wilderness waiting for Obama to give them the stuff of fresh red meat scandal, the right wing nut jobs now refuse to sate themselves as Trump backs his dump truck of “the best people” on their doorstep. Ingrates…


3 squares and cot for you buddy…bye bye.


go get 'em Mueller. Maybe you can uncover another diabolical third rate click farm again?


Pretty funny to hear a Republican whine about having to produce emails after the last four-five years of Republican email witch hunts against Hillary (of whom I am no fan of). I can hardly wait to see Mueller’s reaction as he strikes me as a man one shouldn’t mess with, much less ignore. And this little Republican piggy said that going to jail might be fun. I think it will be fun to see how long he lasts in jail…or better yet, prison. Squeal, little piggy, squeal!


What was that chant — Something like “Lock him up! Lock him up!” — That’s close, anyway.


Wrong “him” I’m afraid…


He talks tough. He’ll need a good lawyer.

Still, overall, this Mueller investigation is small potatoes so far.


Would anyone on here say the same if five people from the Clinton campaign were indicted and turned state’s witness to avoid further criminal charges? Let alone, if the charges all centered around conspiracy with rightwing fossil fuel oligarchs engaged in disrupting democratic elections in Europe.

We all know the answer.


I hope most Americans have come to the conclusion that this investigation is a political fishing expedition and nothing else!


Another right-winger in snit mode playing the 'what if ’ game. And why not? That’s what the right-wing has been doing forever. Lie, exaggerate, make up narratives, create their own fiction and call it reality. And pretend there’s a world of difference between themselves and corporate Dems. Oh yea, that goes over big in this comment section. For comic relief. You right-wingers have all the imagination of a bowl movement.


I have to think that most American have come to the conclusion that ‘you reap what you sew’ and that paybacks and be a *****. ‘Fishing’ or otherwise, the GOP don’t have the copyright on it. Except for hypocrisy.


Only the best.


This certainly raises suspicions on what Nunberg is sitting on. Add these emails to Trump’s undisclosed tax returns. Even Nunberg says Mueller might have something on Trump. Given Nunberg’s connections I would think he know a lot more than the average person about what that something might be. But it looks like Nunberg is taking one for the team as the baseball expression goes or at least for conspiracy theorist Roger Stone of the Trump team. .


Mueller is baking those potatoes nicely.


Nunberg looks like a guy who has been out of his depth for a long time.


The fish keep jumping into the boat.


Where the hell did you come from?


There’s a qualitative difference between handgun-wielding mobsters and these corporate-political conspiracies to embezzle. Apply pressure to 10 or 20 of these fat, somewhat aged armchair scum, some of whom have to square their felonies with their pastors, and maybe 20% of them will crack. This particular guy made a real fool out of himself earlier today, talking tough, “you’ll never take me alive, copper!”, and then accidentally dishing enough dirt to probably put five more of the perps into the can where they can scrub toilets all day and pick up the nation’s litter someday if they’re really good.