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'Let It Be an Arms Race': Trump Clarifies Tweet on Expanding Nuclear Stockpile


'Let It Be an Arms Race': Trump Clarifies Tweet on Expanding Nuclear Stockpile

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

"Let it be an arms race."

That's how President-elect Donald Trump clarified a tweet he sent Thursday which said the U.S. must "strengthen and expand" its nuclear arsenal, a remark that set off warnings and calls for explanation. He then spoke on the phone with MSNBC's "Morning Joe" co-host Mika Brzezinski, who reported on air Friday morning that the president-elect said, "Let it be an arms race. We will outmatch them at every pass."


This delusional "President of Some" (POS) is creating a clear and present danger to the US, all people everywhere, and our entire planet - our Mother Gaia.
He has neither the temperament, education, experience, wisdom, ability to speak or understand truth, or actual sanity, to lead anything, much less a nation armed with nuclear Weapons of Mass (very) Destruction (WMD's) - a shallow fool who will speak or act before any understanding of what he is doing or its consequences.....regardless of his supposed "business acumen" usually self-proclaimed..................


'Let it be an arms race': Donald Trump reportedly doubles down on nuclear...

President-elect tells MSNBC ‘we will outmatch them at every pass’ as confusion over nuclear policy reigns with aides seeking to explain tweet


Hoo boy. This man is demonstrating at every turn that he is functioning like a 12 year old with a very limited education and the temperament of a malignant narcissist. I will hold every one who voted for him, every one who now supports him, and every elector who allowed this monster to gain power- as complicit in his crimes. There is no excuse for this to happen in the 21st century.


This is a 20th Century solution in the 21st. In the last Century, the US had enough nuclear weapons to kill everybody on Earth about 36X. The USSR only had enough to kill everybody about 30X...Conclusion: We win!


On the surface, this seems like another nightmarish Trump story. On the other hand, is Trump playing the media with another hyperbolic set of tweets as diversion, while he and the repubs rob the people of their liberties and their treasure?


Clinton's WW3 with Russia? really?
WhereTF are we now?, and this excuse of a human being has not even taken office yet, thereby giving us 2 active presidents (as far as speech goes).

"Trump the better of 2 evils". I'll be thinking that as the last 20 minutes of existence bears down on us.
My gift of the gods?
I'll be blown away very early in any targeted nuclear exchange due to my proximity to a prime target (top 10). Good luck with the 10 year nuclear winter for those who happen to survive.

Surreal. Yes. I am back in the the Reagan days. Only this time, we are the laughing stock of the world, thanks to Drumpf and those that put him there, and he already can't wait to get his hand poised over the red button, casting aside the last 40 years of international nuclear agreements with one tweet.

I think dystopian would have been an equally good choice.


The playbook style being employed by Drumph is, as we speak, being being applied in very nearly every nation on earth, and adapted / tweaked only very slightly.
The man, just like the other two party cabals is an oligarch's oligarch. The power of the oligarchs is founded on premises of exclusion (fundamentally dissociative and pathological) to assure the greatest possible power and hegemony. That 'model' of a premise is, in and of itself, indicative of self-fulfilling projections of the countless mutations of the shortcomings and flaws. What seems not be recognized by this premise is that what for centuries has been excluded/denied/ ignored has not just gone poof - but is has been aggregating, compounding and has reached poisonous dimension from which they are not immune.


I'm sitting here this morning watching this video with my mouth hanging open. I don't know who is more insane, Trump, or these people discussing his statements.
America must "win" against the Russians. Win what? Having the bigger military makes us winners, while the country's infrastructure crumbles, people have low paying jobs and less and less safety net, and the threat of nuclear annihilation grows greater and greater?
That's a victory for America?
Who, beside the politicians and neo-cons sees that as winning?
And the TV people discussing Trump, saying he is so brilliant in his strategy of keeping things in chaos.... these people are idiots!


Trump = Ignorance + malevolence + greed.


deleted - response was to the wrong article


I think you got it. Another outrageous statement to divert. He is more calculating than he seems. He puts out a constant flow of outrageous statements knowing there will be a knee-jerk response that will divert attention from whatever he is trying to destroy. In this case it appears he trying to destroy democracy in the US and all curbs on the excesses of capitalism.


I would say the main competition for the US is China, not Russia. China has the second largest economy in the world although it is still much smaller than the US economy. It has s rapidly growing military. And it is seeking to return to world prominence after a century of humiliation as a Third World country. It also believes it is the dominant country in Southeast Asia which it has been historically. Of course Russia is also concerned about 1.3 billion Chinese just to the south of Russia. The problem with Russia is that it is run by a dictator who was a former KGB agent and continues to operate like one. China is run by a committee of technocrats. Trump has a lot in common with Putin and almost nothing in common with the leaders of China.


I don't hardly watch TV, so I don't get exposed to this normalizing of madness very much (just the ads in the subway are enough for me!). But, yeah, I'm as struck by MSNBC's (it could be any one of them, I'm sure) normalizing and covering and fawningly coming up with ways to explain and presidentialize one man's unhinged mind, rather than calling out the existential threat for what it is, and the reckless way the threat has been thrown out like a rock by a very confused, repressed man. Obama nurtured nukes while calling for a someday future world without them, which was a dangerous failing, and ensured proliferation would continue, as it has, bit by bit. But now this rhetoric threatens an escalation of proliferation, which is worse. But maybe in an awakened push-back we can take the opportunity to go beyond push-back and towards abolition now.


The country that dies with the most nuclear weapons in it's arsenal wins!


True. Trump knows how to play the media and what more proof does one need than this dangerous buffoon got himself elected.

Trump is the master of the red herring!


Chomping at the nuclear bit that Trump.


It only takes 3.5% of the people in the streets to put a stop to it and if we can't even muster that then I don't know what we expect.


The corporatists in the MIC were already creaming in their jeans over the prospect of Congress spending a trillion or so to update the nuclear triad. I wonder if they had any idea that Trump Tweets would be such a major factor? No sense in buying off Congress Critters when one TT can screw up your business model and wreck everything, like what happened with the F-35.

Makes me think that the Powers That Be will tire of The Donald sooner rather than later. Look for an upcoming black swan event that will change everything.


This doesn't obviously have absolute dire implications, that the man WOULD just f___ around with the press calling on a nuclear arms race?

It is not like the capitalist/war pigs are dependent upon distraction to rape and pillage the masses, as they will inherit unassailable power to do whatever the HELL they want.


The Deep State faction winning out here, is the one that inverses the inverted totalitarian state post haste.

How does having a President calling for a nuclear arms race as President Elect somehow translate into a nix on the already secured nuclear arms "modernization" under Obama, to "screw up the business model and wreck everything"?

It clearly just piles on. Observe what will be a steadily rising stock price for every company engaged in the coming massive military buildup, including nuclear weapons.