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Let Me Remind You Who Jeff Sessions Is


Let Me Remind You Who Jeff Sessions Is

Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

For the past several weeks, media coverage of Attorney General Jeff Sessions has taken a sympathetic turn. In article after article, the “beleaguered” Sessions is described as a victim of bullying, under Twitter assault by the president who appointed him.


I wonder if all this harassment of Sessions by Trump is only a con game? A diversion or at the very least a distraction? Sessions didn’t go anywhere and is still acting abominably as Sessions is won’t to say and do… so nothing happened did it? Lots of Trump talk, lots of press coverage of it, lots of tweets and everything remained the same when it was over.

Next mouth attack target is Mitch McConell who won’t go anywhere either. Trump is a very skillful con artist with no scruples to hamper his ‘style’.


It’s good to see Sessions painted as he really is without the platitudes doled out by the (sub)standard press of the MSM. These people in positions of privilege and power have no clue to how hard it is to exist after coming from a disadvantaged background of near or abject poverty. Sessions can’t see the forest for his blindered trees coming from privilege and amongst the inbred prejudices from ingrained southern ideology. I know. I was originally from the south,(AR) but moved away when 5 and escaped the full brunt of growing up around bigoted fools. Even then when older I worked to remove the biases I had acquired anyway. The war on drugs is a complete failure much as prohibition was in the 20’s; it’s time to try a different approach, one that doesn’t turn people into criminals with no chance of gainful employment. I suppose with the current administration we’ll be waiting a while longer for things to change. Something that can’t happen fast enough.


Very well said! I totally agree. Trump and Sessions both need to go - the sooner the better for America!


A very pertinent article, in view of what has transpired in Charlottesville today! This gets to one of the core differences between Right and Left: The left would rather spend more to help to improve the lives of those who are discarded by our system and our society. The right much prefers spending the money to just lock them up and forget about them, especially if there are profits to be made!

The statue in the park is but a symbol. This is not about the statue. It’s about the kind of society we want to be. In the words of Howard Zinn: “You can’t be neutral on a moving train.”


Our own Duterte.

Direct Democracy


And after his constituents really fire him by voting against him next year!


Those who cannot afford a good lawyer …are guilty every time!


Blacks are arrested and imprisoned for petty crimes while rich whites steal and plunder without punishment. That is the tragedy!


Totally agree. It is difficult to look at the political history and the people who have run Alabama and have any confidence in any kind of good coming from Sessions. They have a twisted, perverted view of life which seems to prefer perversion of the laws and cruelty to understanding and compassion. I just finished Bryan Stevenson’s book “Just Mercy” which provided a very good insight into Alabama and its criminal justice, corrections and death penalty. It is not a pretty picture. I already knew much of this but it just confirmed so much I already understood about the backwardsness in that and many other states. Yes, there are good people in Alabama. Yes, things have improved but it seems there are a lot of people stuck in the idea of the glorious confederacy and all that it stood for. Unfortunately, many that rise to leadership in Alabama seem to follow that theme. I think Sessions is one of them.