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Let Orlando Drive Us to Action, not Fear


Let Orlando Drive Us to Action, not Fear

Lucas Johnson

As the debate and the raw emotion of June 12 subsides and the discussion moves into a second week, I find myself still reeling. I am not among those grieving the personal loss. My family and friends in Orlando are safe and the depth of my gratitude reflects this haunting and pronounced awareness that it might not have been so. That life must not be taken for granted. The grim reality that the news that shook mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters from their sleep last Sunday could have been mine.


You've fallen for the very fallacy that Johnson has pointed out, that of profiling whole swaths of humanity from the small number pointed out to you and identified by the word that rightly evokes fear. Who are the terrorists who murdered Matthew Shepard? who kill trans women of color? Dylan Roof? what about the bubbas stopped at the Holland Tunnel into New York City last night because their monster truck full of weapons had a cracked windshield? Oh, they're "gun enthusiasts," "unconnected to terrorism," going to rescue a heroin addict. No. They were terrorists too.