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Let’s Ask Obama to Give This Speech Next


Let’s Ask Obama to Give This Speech Next

Bill Moyers

Barack Obama once confessed to politics’ original sin but has yet to atone for it. He now has an opportunity to do so.


Many thoughtful people have come to see just how much the NAMES of new policy agendas betray their true purposes.

"No Child Left Behind" was more like: "No Standardized Test Company Shall Be Left Without Enforced Profits."

"Healthy Forest Initiative" was more like "No Tree Left Behind."

Obama's Health CARE bill more like "No Insurance Company Shall Go Unfunded by The Collective."

And so it is with the ridiculously named "Citizens United." In actuality, it's more like "Politics For The Price You, The Corporation, Can Pay."

This paragraph says it all. And it's why so many are showing impassioned interest in Mr. Sanders' words and platforms:

"I must report to you that Republicans in Congress are opposed to sunshine. They prefer government do business in the dark, out of your sight and away from the prying eyes of reporters. But the Sunlight Foundation has discovered that over one recent five-year period 200 of the most politically active corporations spent a combined $5.8 billion on federal lobbying and campaign contributions and, in return, got $4.4 trillion in federal business and support. Yes, $4.4 trillion — with a “t.” That’s an enormous return on their investment in lobbyists and politicians."

If policy can be bought, the MIC and its weapons-producers have an enormous influence over U.S. foreign policy. Perhaps if the big money were stripped away, that would not remain the case. In other words, it could be that Mr. Sanders is taking aim at the MIC through a more subtle approach: cutting off at least some of its massive fiscal flow.


Let's not forget the "Clear Skies Initiative"......


Bill Moyers delivers yet again, although the chance Obama will deliver on Moyers appeal are slim to none. Obama has been bought and paid-for for a very long time. All those millions who did believe in his "change we can believe-in" mantra in the first election/term were quickly betrayed as Obama's cabinet and advisers were announced, another DLC financial fraud lap-dog recycling many of Bill Clinton's Rubinite "de-regulation" team; other Obama betrayals of rhetoric followed, from failure to hold any TBTF banker crimes or criminals accountable - (they were too big to jail) war machine empowerment and drone war to domestic surveillance and police state to astonishing environmental ignorance and inaction, to the TPP/TTIP and other sops to global corporate fascism......the 1% owes Obama big-time.
The Iran negotiations and deal are an anomaly for Obama, but maybe I'm being too critical and cynical on his other actions.......or not.

There is a spot in a Sanders Administration for Bill Moyers.....one can only hope.....and keep working for it!



"I won't disarm unilaterally" was coined by Bill Clinton, Obama's mentor, the Great Triangulator of the Third Wave and Vaginal Cigar Aficionado.


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I am well-aware of that protocol.


The "Right to Work" was more like: "The Right to Screw Employees."
The "Patriot Act" was more like: "Shit and Piss on the Constitution; Especially the Bill of Rights."
"Terrorism" was more like: "The Ability to Wage Continual War at the Expense of the 99%; for the 1%'s and MIC's Enrichment."

It goes on forever.


Thank you for the addition. It's right-on and I think someone should make a full list of all of these Orwellian brand names given to policies and protocols that do the opposite of what their titles appear to promise.

No wonder the crowds resonate with Bernie Sanders' fundamental HONESTY about the cons that have become the Rule of the Land. Truth should be placed on The Endangered Species list starting with Edward Snowden as Exhibit A.


Obama's highest 2016 priority is enacting his Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), TTIP and TISA.

Pulling back the curtain on Federal contractors' activities will reveal the money trail that has funded Obama's campaign, is funding the TPP/TTIP/TISA campaign and will be paying the Obamas tens of millions in speaking fees and foundation contributions after 1/20.17.

Not gonna happen.


Obama ---- a complete whore!


You know, its funny. When I was a kid back in the 1930's, forties and early fifties, "Conflict of interest" was the kiss of death to politicians and businessmen at almost all levels. Now it is a job requirement.


Nobody even understands what i mean anymore when i talk about "interested parties." Minitrue has done its job well.


I'll play: FISA Amendments Act (2008) = The Cheneybush Get Out of Jail Free Act.

This was the one where Obama cynically flip-flopped on his 'promise' not to vote for a FISA bill with immunity for the telecoms. Coming just after H. Clinton's capitulation in the 2008 primary, he knew there would be no attack by Republicans, as he was giving their guys cover; and no pushback from Democrats because, by gawd, he was now their guy in a heated election campaign and could not possibly be criticized from within. That was the precise second in which he told me he was not interested in my vote. Everything since 1/20/09 has simply confirmed that view.