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Let’s Change Europe From the Ground Up

Let’s Change Europe From the Ground Up

Yanis Varoufakis

The 2008 global financial crisis — the modern 1929 crash — set off a vicious chain reaction across Europe. By 2010 it had irreparably damaged the foundations of the eurozone, causing the establishment to bend its own rules and commit crimes against logic in order to bail out its banker friends. By 2013 the neoliberal ideology that had legitimised the EU’s oligarchic technocracy had plunged millions into misery, even through the enactment of official policies: socialism for the financiers and harsh austerity for the many.

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Having been thrown under the proverbial bus by Alexis Tsipras (Prime Minister of Greece), Yanis Varoufakis (then Finance Minister of Greece) probed the machinations of the deeply flawed EU model, with its inconsistent political and economic systems. He is often the most adult in the room from my view. Europe would be greatly served to follow his leadership, whether it be through his political service or perhaps more importantly following his socioeconomic paradigm. He truly recognizes that peace can only be achieved through cooperation edging out competition. (The planet reminds of us that each time we take the effort to ask it.) Varoufakis’ deep knowledge of the EU’s economic and political structures and realities make him The People’s Expert on the subject. I hope Europe follows his lead. (Recommended reading by Varoufakis: And The Weak Suffer What They Must and Adults In The Room.)


one of the most brilliant minds on the planet and with a heart that truly functions for all!


I was hoping you were referring to me, but am pretty sure you were referring to Prof. Varoufakis. :wink:

The EU can not reform itself into a progressive entity as long as they welcome a Viper into the tent in the way of the United States of America. NATO has to be abandoned.


the ancient Sufis used to say… ‘like recognizes like’ or ‘takes one to know one’ … come to think of it that sort of illustrates a fundamental coherence nést pas?

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Seems to me that NATO has better chance of being abandoned because something ‘more coherent’ is threshed out among equals of highly diverse, differing backgrounds sharing a common set of principles.

The hyper-militarized post-empire model of spiritually impoverished greed, fear and terrorism is, in my opinion, a direct consequence of the debt coming due from centuries of capitalism deferring the costs, like dignified equality of remuneration for labor.

I also think we have to re-phrase most of the rhetoric that insidiously craters dignity and coherence of process and content. For instance, poverty. If you actually look at poverty it is a condition resulting from a set of actions: IMPOVERISHMENT.

The delusional rhetorical flim flam of corporate media (for instance) claws hold onto a legacy niche that Bernays and his ilk have spent fortunes and generations carving out: a language and style (ever notice how insane the designer runways get? gotta make you a wannabe) that serves as sieve, sifting out all experience that is ‘beyond the pale’.


I would not disagree with your assessment. Militarism is part of the glue that holds the Capitalist Empire together.

Mais oui, mon amie.

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It has been a very long and cold winter. It is past time for spring – may they prevail.

“Adults in the Room” is quite the book by Yanis.

Why not give this man a shot ?

Yanis, I have wicked crush on you.

I always love a post that notes Edward Bernays and corporate propaganda.