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Let’s End Torture in U.S. Prisons


Let’s End Torture in U.S. Prisons

John Kiriakou

Solitary confinement is exactly what it sounds like.

A prisoner is kept in a small cell — usually 6 feet by 10 — alone, for 23 hours a day.

For one hour a day, he or she may be taken into a small cage outside, with the opportunity to walk in circles before being taken back in. Even the outdoor cage can usually be opened and closed remotely.


In addition to solitary being used for petty or nonexistent offenses, there are so many petty offenses it creates the opportunity for punishment to be applied at whim (similar to the way the law is applied outside of prisons).

Barrett Brown wrote another outstanding article from prison, in which he addresses this and other forms of lawless abuse in the prison system.


Back when NYC was New Amsterdam, the Dutch figured out fairly quickly solitary was a bad idea. This was in the 1600s. I am amazed that people eschew studying history as boring. A little reading by the right people could have spared us this as well as many other problems.


Thank you, Mr. Kiriakou for speaking out on this subject.

The cruelty within the U.S. Prison-Industrial Complex (a New Plantation System) goes beyond what a normal person's moral understanding can conceive.

The fact that 90% of cases get pleaded out resulting in innocent persons serving major prison terms is its own massive INJUSTICE.

Apart from the type of inherent sadism that would cause some to be drawn to jobs within prisons (where they hold absolute, near unaccountable power over others), there is also the power of Lobbyists.

Through their legalized bribes to would-be politicians and "law" makers, prisons are built that NEED bodies. Without criminalizing things that should not call for jail or prison time, there would not be enough bodies to make these cruel operations profitable.

A nation under Mars Rules can not help but show its brutality in every way imaginable... and then some!