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'Let’s Feed a Bedouin': Roy Oz and Israel’s Outrageous Racism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/27/lets-feed-bedouin-roy-oz-and-israels-outrageous-racism


"Israel should also be sanctioned and boycotted. "

Agree 100%.


Gee, Israel is racist?

Next, someone will say the sky is blue.


Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States should be required reading for Israeli high school students. Maybe then they could get it.


“Let’s feed a Bedouin. Don’t you want to feed a Bedouin?”

How about we end the [more than] $3B a year handout to the Jewish leaders of Israel enabling and supporting their racist agenda, with that ending leaving the Israelis to raise themselves to the independence they mock the Bedouin for lacking; and leaving us, should we so wish, to give that $3B every year to the victims of Jewish racism instead of the perpetrators, to partially offset the damage done the victims over decade after decade of racist injustice.


Thank you, and bravo, for this essay of truth of Israeli state-racism, ethnic cleansing, and their culture of supremacist thinking, all cynically cloaked in religion!
Cultural genocide by Israel is a crime against humanity! The US supporting Israeli genocide shows how Israel subverts US politics, foreign policy, sovereignty and Congress via the Fifth Column AIPAC!

The Bedu have been displaced, their tribal lands taken by force, whatever villages existed destroyed, all their individuality - their rich culture and history destroyed by Israeli zionist racism!

The crimes and illegal expansionism, aka “settlements” by Israel are against every principle of International Law and Human Rights Law, but they have a very powerful and funded lobby to dominate the truth to their own racist agenda. the mix of false history, mythology, manufactured archeology, and patterns of deception have become what The West fought the Axis powers for! The criminal racist terrorist and killer of men, women, and children as well as culture IS Israel and its enablers!




BDS! Smash Israeli Apartheid! Zionism IS Racism!


And pIease too, cut the huge amount US money going to Israel.
Israel makes enough on its own with sales of their military equipment and drones etc. It would be a wonderful idea if any kind of Iobbyists from America— or any nation should be unable to Iobby Congress.


This article, is so historically inaccurate, misrepresenting of policy, ignorant and anti-Semitic and factually incorrect on so many counts there’s nowhere to even begin.

Just to see whether or not this website has any journalistic standards, I did a separate search for the words Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. These are neighboring countries with autocratic regimes, and miserable human right violations, if you’re anything but Muslim, fear for your life. If you’re Jewish or LGBTQ, death and dismemberment are around the corner.

Predictably, the only articles I could find remotely critical of any of these countries goes back years and many of them don’t even have any references to humanitarian failures just articles about US foreign policies.

But when you search for “Israel”… There are lhundreds of articles, with lopsided criticism of the only Democratic country in the entire region, with a racially, religiously and ethnically diverse population.
When a website/journal has a systematic obsessive focus on one country as opposed to numerous other neighboring countries with by FAR worse humanitarian failures (Syria has murdered more of its own Arab citizens than any local country by a factor of ten) there’s only one word for that type of behavior: anti-semitism.

Israel has a diverse POC population, a thriving LGBTQ community and Palestinians sit on the Knesset (parliament) and even the Supreme Court. Apartheid??! Please.

Israel is imperfect, but is a Democracy with both Left and Right factions that do not agree on many policies. The Palestinians who are living in Israel are 20% of Israeli citizens and freely live and move anywhere and enjoy more rights and privileges than they do in the West Bank or Gaza. Search YouTube for videos of Palestinians living in Israel. Listen to what they have to say about their living conditions. You might be very surprised. A warning: your preconceptions might be severely challenged.

I lived in Israel as an American Jew and went to public school there for 5 years. I sat next to Palestinians in class and never witnessed any form of bigotry or systemic racism or had political propaganda foisted on me in school. I lived right next to Palestinians in my suburban neighborhoods. As part of Israeli diversity training (this the 1970’s!) my school sent us on field trips to Palestinian villages and I had the distinct privilege of once sipping tea in a Bedouin’s tent. I felt nothing but awe and respect for this wise and beautiful culture.

Simplified portrayals of Israelis (“bad”) vs Palestinians (“victims”) in general remains a great political and fundraising tool for Arab countries and Left wing intellectuals without any real and authentic deep knowledge of the region’s history.

It’s time for Palestinians citizens to rise up against a leadership that monetarily profits off of their suffering, put their knives away and come to the table to discuss how to begin to live in peace with Israelis, rather than help perpetuate another 50 years of misery and violence.

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The US supports Israel financially and in many other ways, and therefore has some responsibility for what Israel does, like an accessory.

It’s simple enough: an accessory has some responsibility in a way that someone that has no connection to a wrongdoing, hasn’t.

The accusation of anti-semitism is hurled around to quench criticism of anything Jewish. How about you leave that defamatory charge out, and reserve it for real bigoted antisemitism.


Hi Dave -I
There really once was a democratic nation in the Middle East–but it was not Israel. it was Iran—but sadly as US president Eisenhower and the others who followed leaned in toward oil, --------that once upon a time democracy , IRAN , was destroyed–and American put in a shah.
I guess you missed the Israeli destruction of the USS Liberty—and the many. many Palestinians killed since 1948===and who also had all their land stolen too. : (
Apparently you missed the horrific poisoning of Arafat too. And lately, did you catch the murder of the boy in Jerusalem with mental and physical problems ----who was shot to death when he tried to hide from the Israelis who were running towards him? It seems that being Palestinian in Jerusalem is like being black in America, America and Israel are alike in many ways, don’t you think?
And least any of us forget—how IsraeI murdered the flotilla members in INTERNATIONAL waters? And even more awful and sad the death of Rachel Corrie, who came to aid Palestinians whose homes were being bulldozed and land stolen by Israel. Run over by a bulldozer and them rolled back right over Rachel–her parents finally got a court date—but of course, the murdering caterpillar operator—" committed no crime."

SO— Roy Oz and his 'Let’s feed a Bedouin," is just another example of how many in Israel are shockingly racist-----and why so many in America have come to see Israel and its leaders as no different than what the Nazis did to the Jews. : (
Maybe too, you missed the recent sad story of a man on his way to pick up his mom and sister at the beauty shop— for that day was his sister’s wedding day. Apparently the man, was shot to death by ,many—who just let the Palestinian man bleed out and offered no help—or any reason–but people wondered why there was a checkpoint there in that part of Palestine.Sadly many in Israel act more like how the Germans treated the Jews in WW 2. That too was horrific---------.what to do—what to do-----well, I reaIIy like what HiIIeI said."Do unto others—everything else is commentary. "


Swagman: 100% agree with you: Just because you disagree with an Israeli policy doesn’t make you anti-semitic. Notice however, you didn’t address my charge AT ALL. A website that spend 99% of it’s energy attacking a tiny Democratic country with very strong civil rights for all its citizens, including POC and LGBTQ, yet ignores other countries, both in the vicinity and globally, that are NOT democracies, and have egregious human right violations, is IN FACT the definition of anti-semitism.

Stardust: Sadly, propagating false accusations doesn’t lend credibility to your cause.
You are living in a fantasy of huge proportions where the Israelis have done all these bad things, but the Arabs are the victims. May I remind you that the UN partitioned Israel in 1948, providing a tiny sliver of land around Tel Aviv. It did not include any of the currently disputed lands, such as the West bank or Gaza. Does any of this historically accurate info ring a bell??? The surrounding Arab countries REFUSED TO ACCEPT the UN SANCTIONED partition. They immediately attacked this tiny newly found country.
What happened? THEY LOST the war, and THIS RESULTED IN THE CURRENT state of affairs. When you attack and lose, you can’t then cry “Mommy” and complain of the outcome.
Stick with the facts.
The key to this: How do we move forward?
How do two people (closely related in many ways) live together?
Demonizing Israelis will NOT SOLVE anything.

Also, your comments betray a startling ignorance of the reality on the ground. Have you actually visited Israel? Talked to people there? Accusing them of being “shocking racist” would be like seeing the George Floyd video and accusing every American of being “Shockingly racist.”
Are there racists Israelis? Of course there are. Just like there are racists EVERYWHERE, in every country. If you want to look at “shocking racism” look no further than the anti-Semitic elementary school textbooks in Gaza or listen to the sermons of PA Clerics, who refer to Jews as “Rats.”

You are delusional. Yes, I have spent a lot of time in Palestine.


If antisemitism is criticism of Israel while failing to criticize other countries is anti-antisemitism, then antisemitism is not too bad. I thought antisemitism was more serious, in that it was bigoted, a hatred of a people, particularly for no reason other than they are Jews.

As I mentioned in my post, we have a responsibility with respect to what Israel does, but we don’t with respect to the other countries you mention, and that can explain the attention to Israel without relying on bigotry. If Israel has done wrong, Israel has done wrong, regardless of whether on not other countries have done wrong, whether or not it actually is a democracy in some measures.

Is there anger at what Israel had done and is doing: absolutely yes. Is that bigotry, no.

The charge of antisemitism is a underhand devise used to suggest that a criticism of something Jewish should not be considered on its merits - it should be dismissed as mere bigotry. It seems to me, right or wrong, stardustBID has some real grievances. So I would suggest that instead of calling people names, answer their criticisms on their respective merits, and don’t make excuses for it like: Israel is a democracy…

Another objectionable trope I would like to see the end of, is don’t look at or criticize what Israel has done until you look around the world for others that have done it and criticism all them frist.


dogpaddle: Fascinating, since there is no country by that name. Why don’t you share your actual experiences?
Sending us to watch a talk by Miko Peled, doesn’t move the dialogue forward. There’s plenty of blood on Hamas / Fatah side.
~ www(dot)hrw(dot)org/report/2018/10/23/two-authorities-one-way-zero-dissent/arbitrary-arrest-and-torture-under#
How about the simple fact that Hamas is publicly committed to the destruction of Israel? How does Peace ever come out of that? With whom does Israel negotiate?
~~~www(dot)timesofisrael (dot) com/hamas-assures-critics-israels-destruction-still-a-goal/

Israelis (the majority) want peace. No one wants to live in constant fear. But they need a peace partner. That doesn’t seem to exist with Hamas or with Fatah who’s leadership has enriched themselves by skimming off the humanitarian aid, making ALL of them millionaires.

When the Citizens of Gaza and the Westbank want peace, peace will be possible, but not if their primary goal is the destruction of Israel.

Hi Dave_I

The first attack against the Palestinians came in 1948. { The Jewish setters attacked the town , many Palestinians died and many and the Palestinians ran away to safety, When they returned Water , they were denied their historical Iand. In 1948, when the British Ieft Palestine, they were being shot at too the the Jewish military in 1948.
The interesting thing about documented history is that those who disagree are named as stooges or Iacking in knowledge. Weirdly, Palestinians have been there longer than anyone----perhaps they were the Cannanites----- But as the oId saying goes, Possessions is NOT 9/ 10ths of the Iaw. The irony to me is that the Jews in Israel who are most adamant—are those who no doubt did not experience the holocaust. That is why the holocaust against the Palestinians is so horrific. : (
We wiII never agree I think, but each wiII support what we each truIy believe.

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This entire argument is typical of the mindset the racist Israeli zionist state is based-on - misrepresentation of history and current entrenched racism and ethnic cleansing.
It is typical of the propaganda called Hasbara - “the Israeli euphemism for propaganda” - misrepresentation of truth and purpose on an industrial scale.

take this new revelation and evidence for example.

“the U.S. and Israeli governments have blamed Iran for the 1994 bombing of the Argentine Israeli Mutual Association (AMIA) Jewish community center in Buenos Aires & bloodshed, citing it as primary evidence of Tehran’s role as the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism. - that narrative remains part of the propaganda offensive against Iran by the trump regime”
Now "A former infiltrator’s account provided the first clear indication that anti-Semitic veterans of Argentina’s “Dirty War” and their allies in the Argentine police and intelligence service orchestrated the explosion.

" Meanwhile Israel, maintained strong military and political ties to the Argentine Junta throughout the “Dirty war,” remained silent on the murder-of-3000-argentina-jews-and about the Jewish journalist’s detention throughout the war."
There is your great democracy! A lie from 1948 until this moment!

~https://consortiumnews.com/2020/07/28/how-a-police-spys-stunning-testimony-threatens-the-official-buenos-aires-bombing-story/ do you have the courage to read it?

The systemic deceptions - “By Way of Deception Thou Shall Make War” Mossad motto - state racism and supremacist mindset of the Israeli entity is systemic.

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Emphyrio: Let’s start with your first sentence: “…typical of the mindset the racist Israeli zionist state.” Do you understand how ironic that statement is? That statement in of itself is racist. The way you see every person who is Israeli is as a racist. Lumping millions of different people as racists, is racist. If you are filled with racist hatred for Israelis/Jews, there will never be peace. Israel isn’t going anywhere, neither are the Palestinians. If you want to move toward peace, you have to want it, and can’t lump people into one pile as “bad” or “racists.”

Regardless of the truth of your accusations (“Dirty war”), your position provides no basis for establishing peace. Israelis as a whole, would prefer (like most human beings) to live in peace. If you keep on going back to perceived injustices (like 1948) and see all Israelis as “bad” then peace will never happen.
I encourage you to watch Rudy Rochman, who represents the majority of Israelis, who simply want to live in peace.


Typical of defenders of Israeli actions, racism and brutality is deflection and manipulation of, or ignoring history. Maybe you are too young to remember or never knew the history of Israel since 1948; maybe you think the official narrative of Zionist supremacy is not real or can be ignored to “find peace today” - like the video you linked featuring Rudy R the “Jewish Rights” activist and propagandist, as well as IDF soldier attacking Gaza in 2012 when Israel used banned and indiscriminate weapons on civilian populations - “in apparent violation of the laws of war”! - spare us your transparent propaganda BS, Dave!.

You do not negotiate peace or normalcy with an armed repressive occupier that has refused honest peace for decades - like the Saudi Initiative that offered full recognition and peace but was rejected by extremist Israel. Instead of peace Israel passed the Jewish Nation-State Law and wants to annex the occupied territories - not racist or illegal, Dave?

Spreaking of Israeli ethnic cleansing of territory to be for Jews only is not “anti-Semitic”, neither is the BDS movement used against apartheid in SA, now Israel… Writing about the premeditated 1967 Six-Day War, Occupation ever since and Illegal colonization of those Occupied Territories is not “racist”.

State IDF violence and killings/murders against Palestinian men, women, and children is truth, not fabrication, Israeli atrocities like Deir Yassin and the over 450 Palestinian villages destroyed by Jewish terrorist groups, wars against Lebanon, displacement of the Bedu, the premeditated attack on the UCC Liberty,murder of Rachel Corrie, Palestinian home demolitions, settler violence and murders, destruction (or theft) of Palestinian olive trees/groves, theft and/or destruction of water resources, attacks on press, emergency personnel, not ancient history to be forgotten.

If you do not know any of this you are a fool and propagandist, if you do and still defend the state of Israel you are a racist yourself, and if you call others “anti-Semitic” a tool of the Israeli state!

So save your Hasbara rubbish and BS, deflection, and “new thinking” propaganda and learn a little history and recent events if you don;’'t actually know it already, and the actual demonstrated state racism of Israel, the :settlers", Ariel “The Butcher” Sharon, and Netanyahu right-wing government!- your right “There will never be peace” in Palestine as long as Israel ignores International Law, and believes Israelis are entitled to Palestine, and no other ethnic or religious group is!

~https://ifamericansknew.org/history/origin.html Comprehensive history of the “conflict” including many Jewish historians

~https://ifamericansknew.org/cur_sit/child-killed.html The same IDF Rudy served in

~https://electronicintifada.net/blogs/ali-abunimah/students-say-pro-israel-group-spreads-hate-columbia-university - Rudy at Columbia

~https://www.theguardian.com/world/2002/mar/28/israel7 Saudi Initiative text

"No country by the name “Palestine”? FU Dave and your Zionist Israeli supremacist propaganda!
Yeah, Israelis “want peace” - they want total control and domination over all of historic Palestine to be for Jews only! Is that racist? Is the intentional murder pf Palestinian protesters by IDF snipers? Have you ever been one, Dave?