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Let’s Give the CIA the Credit It Deserves


Let’s Give the CIA the Credit It Deserves

Norman Solomon

For months now, our country has endured the tacit denigration of American ingenuity. Countless statements—from elected officials, activist groups, journalists and many othershave ignored our nation’s superb blend of dazzling high-tech capacities and statecraft mendacities.


US or U.S.?


The slant of this opinion piece bothers me. For instance, do we really want to step back from our hacking abilities and let other nations take over? And republican efforts to limit voting rights is not the same as claiming that the US is trying to limit voting rights.


Any Questions?

Prescott Sheldon Bush started OSS with Nazi's from Operation Paperclip using his family lawyer Allen Dulles. They still control it. It's about Fake Democracy baby. The British were good at it, but these KGBers are in a league by themselves.


Yes, the credit for murdering the President of the United States in 1963.


This article, by Norman Solomon is one brave contribution to the American Populace.

He has now said, in public, what virtually no other writer has dared, lest the Agency put him/her in their crosshairs.

The only promise a President swears to, is to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.

That President, after President (except the Bushes, who are complicit), and Public Servant after Public Servant, not to mention their loved ones, has been Extorted, and Guided, by this uncontrollably powerful band of Treasonous Criminals, under pain of death, is the seminal reason behind the state America is in today.


"For instance, do we really want to step back from our hacking abilities and let other nations take over?"

I don't think the author was commenting on that, but rather, on how our abilities are being used to undermine our own democracy. Do you think that is OK, so long as we maintain our "hacking edge"? Unfortunately, I doubt there is much that can be done as the "Deep State" is something that can't be challenged since its existence isn't acknowledged.


Nothing mentioned about the fact all these "tools" have been unleased upon the world through extreme incompetence? 300 pound kids in bed in their mom's basement now have access to these same tools now. Thanks Obama!


Don't want to say more as the sound on my Samsung just went down.


Jeeze Norman ,,do I note a slight hint of sarcasm in your voice ? Careful with your transportation choices ,


Since Trump got nearly half the vote, it's obvious that America is full of people with little sense of morals or ethics. Our intelligence agencies are full of people much like the average person in our nation: some better than others. With Trump and associates in charge, things are likely to get worse unless incompetence helps out.


How do you have secret intelligence agencies without undermining democracy? As long as there is a CIA democracy will be to some extent compromised. That has to be balanced with the need for national security. Finding the correct balance is going to lead to differing views. The right wing generally will want more national security while the left wing will generally want more democracy.


Thankyou, thank you, THANK YOU!


After the revelations of the Church Committee in the late 1970's, all 17 so-called U. S. "intelligence" agencies should have been shut down and disbanded. That is what needs to be done. They create more mischief than help all over the World. The Dems and Reps will never call for it, so I think it needs to be a plank in the new Green Party platform. That and ending all U. S. financial and military aid to any country that oppresses it's people, or people within it's territory; so Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt would be at the very top of my list for that happening. #Demexit 2017!


"Say It Ain't So Joe"
-Lyrics by Murray Head (1975)


Say it ain't so, Joe please, say it ain't so
That's not what I wanna hear Joe
Ain't I got a right to know
Say it ain't so, Joe please, say it ain't so
I'm sure they telling us lies Joe,
Please tell us it ain't so.

They told us our hero has played his trump card
He doesn't know how to go on.
We're clinging to his charm and determined smile,
But the good old days have gone.

The image and the empire may be failing apart
The money has gotten scarce
One man's word held the country together,
But the truth is getting fierce

Say it ain't so, Joe please, say it ain't so
We pinned our hope on you Joe
And they're ruining our show


That's nothing. Mine changes the audio of movies we are watching. Instead of Mickey Mouse, the second time we watch it, it says Donald Duck. When I walk through the house naked, it laughs at me.

This Peeping-Tom government has to go.


Yankee disingenuity


Norman, You hit multiple nails on the head here.


Given the assessment can we shift the question of "credit" to the debts run up on the public dime for its organized crime operations?????

I look back on the decades and centuries of the propaganda of hatred, the sole diet of this system, and am reminded of a couple of wise observations about hate:
1. You become what you hate - not a healthy dynamic for an "intelligence" operation - in fact a guarantee that that becomes an oxymoron
2. Hatred is the perfect premise for perpetuation of reason for existence. Coupled with the above, the FACT that the first defining purpose of a system is self-perpetuation... there's a recipe for the perpetual feedback loop as breakfast of chumpions: if you find you're mistakenly digging yourself into a hole, for God's sake stop digging!


They're not our hacking abilities. They are the hacking abilities of some subset of what gets called the "deep state." Do we have an option to remove them? How would that be done?