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Let’s Not Get Confused about This: Orlando Was a Queerphobic Attack


Let’s Not Get Confused about This: Orlando Was a Queerphobic Attack

João Florêncio

In the immediate aftermath of the worst mass-shooting in US history, debates in the media are already focusing on what to call the tragic event.


We know nothing about what in fact happened that night.

The mans ex wife claims her ex husband was Gay and his friend indicated he hung out at that bar. In making this claim she indicated she was asked by the FBI not to divulge that information.

Why is this important?

Once again i refer how to the public is manipulated by the Media. When a certain group is targeted by another most people have a very emotional reaction. The public and newspapers then focus on homophobia in this case, or the fact the alleged perpetrator a Muslim and their attention diverted by those facts. Diverted attention and anger at the man being Homophobic/Muslim are part and parcel of psy-ops campaigns. I linked to how this works in another article on how "magic" works.

If you get past the atricles claiming this to do with Islam or Homophobia or ISIS , there are far far fewer detailing all of the events of that night and anomalies as to what occurred simple because they drowned out by all that noise.

As example. Multiple accounts of multiple shooters.
The alleged perpetrators links to the FBI .
The alleged perps father having links to the CIA.




The official narrative, that this was an act of islamic terrorism committed by a lone gunman, is falling apart like a house of cards. Turns out Mateen frequented the club and was gay himself. Turns out there were multiple shooters and someone was blocking the door preventing people from leaving. I wonder when any of this will ever make it into the MSM, or if Trump and Clinton will stop blaming Muslims? Or, will the truth just go down the memory hole like so many other acts of false-flag terrorism.


This reminds me of the guy who shot Reagan... again, the parent was involved in one of the alphabet agencies.

Like I said the other day, with so many planned "terrorist" events used to justify the "war on terror," it is virtually impossible to discern the real thing (if it even exists) from all of the "theater" being deployed.


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This article is the best I have read on these murders and supported by the comments. I guess many of the patrons would be hispanic and maybe from Cuba. Invasion of Cuba by military force is not in vogue right now, so this is also ignored. An hispanic angle would be equally as irrelevant as the Muslim, mentally ill ones."Queerphobia" is the correct word.
In China, I see that my students are packing smart phones, playing with them, taking pictures and "selfies" all the time and surveillance cameras are everywhere. I assume it is the same in Orlando. Where are the pictures? I bet the CIA went and scoped up all the evidence as the first priority, to be destroyed or hidden away in the interest of "national security". President Kennedy was correct in his plan to dismantle this deep state organization. Their global poison is historical and current fact.
At least the shooter did not have "links to Al Queda". That one was really getting stale.


What's next someone will claim Mossad is behind the whole thing is my guess.


I'm really heartsick of these "post-massacre" speeches. "Being there" for us IS NOT ENOUGH. Condolences ARE NOT ENOUGH. If you want to "be with us" these guns need to be outright banned. PERIOD.


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