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Let’s Not Get It Wrong This Time: The Terrorists Won After 9/11 Because We Chose to Invade Iraq, Shred Our Constitution

Spot on, as usual.
As to your statement below, are you referring to Middle East denizens or Americans?
…“For the kind of money squandered on weapons and the senseless destruction of so much Middle East infrastructure, every family could have been given a home, several year’s supply of food, and excellent health care…”
My sense is that the Americans would not do this, in either the Middle East or the U.S.

I have the same reaction when we learn, not the first time, that there’s water on other planets. Or look at impressive yet (to me) surrealistically irrelevant photos of Pluto.
The money spent on that…

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Shock and awe the new term for blitzkrieg.


The statement was referencing the U.S. spending on the war machine that is causing *(Terrorism) the problem it purports to correct (through the use of organized warfare AS terrorism).

It’s not citizens who are part of the decision-making, particularly when decisions are based on robbing working families in order to fund wars that harm so many, cause so much karmic blow-back, but also fatten the coffers of the rich.

I just heard that a tornado hit a Halliburton factor in Texas and my first thought was: “Spot-on, karmic blowback!” But then word came that toxic chemicals have been released.

Texas, which is home to so many oil men (and a few women) and so many who stubbornly protest the science behind climate chaos… is getting a huge amount of weather disruptions. That’s Mother Nature’s version of wake-up calls.

And even with the evidence of floods where water seldom previously flowed, or drought where rainfall had been abundant, still the idiots wish to press on with technologies that are dependent upon the stability of existing water and weather system.


Yeah… let’s see if Jnestra, “borrowing” a position I am known for and am attacked for here often, bothers to answer your question as I have 100 times to 100 different screen names.

The quote from George W. Bush:
“There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”

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I could not remember the exact quote by Dim Son. Even dumber than I remembered! Thanks.

What a cheap academical demagoguery. 3000 is a relatively small number ? What is a relatively significant number for the professor? 10k ? 15? When is the government, in professor Weinstein’s view, obligated to act and more importantly how? Hide ? Be "elsewhere " ? Be “free” by accepting you can be slaughtered at any given moment? It is not some kind of imaginary threat ruthless inhumane groups of terrorists are attacking innocent people.

As an evolutionary biologist Weinstein should know that species which do not fight or evolve will die out. To use his analogy if wasps build a nest in your house and you do nothing they will sting you to death. Destroy the nest do not hope attacks will stop they will not !

I was wondering if anyone would catch Siourose11 on this.

The line about our reign of terror in the middle east was there from the beginning. I would imagine Siouxrose11’s purpose was to discredit rather than critique. One wonders about the voices of affirmation as well. We’ll see if any apologies emerge.

You took the author’s quote out of context in your first paragraph just as you falsely accused him by claiming, “He says nothing about the lives taken across the Middle East.”

How could you have missed this?
“The reaction also caused the United States to cripple its own Constitution and radicalize the Muslim world with a reign of terror that has killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Afghani civilians.”

You might consider rereading the essay and then maybe reconsider or revise your comment for accuracy.

Global warming, anyone??? How much oil, energy, lives would we save, if oil were left in the ground? Where is the global warming meeting to take place?? Only one capable of stopping terrorists is Russia.

You need to realize perps of 911 got what they wanted. But the perps were from the USA and Israel (mossad).

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I do wish the term, Terrorist would get lost. It’s inaccurate at best and helps cloud the conversation. For example, how many think of the late Harry Truman as a terrorist? Although it could easily be argued a nuclear bomb is the greatest weapon of terror ever invented and has been used twice. Drone strikes are another weapon of terror, as is flying planes into buildings. Criminal acts or criminal might better help define what’s being discussed. At least, that’s the way I feel about it. Too often when one hears the word terrorist, someone who looks like one of the 9/11 hijackers comes to mind, and I think this creates more confusion, not less. Allowing the corporate media, or people like George Bush to define such things doesn’t exactly lead to clarity on the matter of a tactic or the people carrying it out.

i guess common dreams believes in the govts 9/11 fairytale…they print so many writers blogs that reminisce about the “hijackers” ad nauseum.you might think a professor would research his basic premise and verify it but ,no need ,as some self proclaimed alternative site will print it , being as brain dead as its author.i can read b.s. like this in the msm anyday so what is c.d. an alternative to?