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Let’s Pay Attention to What COVID-19 Is Trying to Tell Us About Climate Change

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/26/lets-pay-attention-what-covid-19-trying-tell-us-about-climate-change


I wish corporations and elected officials thought about climate change. Climate change will kill off big corporations-----because already they are losing massive amounts of money, as are the workers who have so little.
Covid19 is a little murderer, as it starts so very small looking for just one place to anchor…and when it finds that place it can colonize inside of any body and change it forever. In a weird kind of way, humanity is like Covid19------ life goes from babbling baby to murdering corporation -----------and the Earth and humanity’s future all suffer for it. : (

I hope people like Petzel who wish things were better know what it will take to make them better. We’re in the late stages of a fascist takeover of the US and other countries, and the criminal psychopaths in charge are not going to stop because they’re asked, or told that it would be nice if we were nice. The only thing that will change what we need changed at this point is a massive peaceful revolution. Non-cooperation with corrupt government and corporations, mass protests and direct actions including boycotts, blockades, occupations, education campaigns, providing non-governmental help for those who need it to take part…There are hundreds of actions among the choices but we have to be willing to sacrifice personally whatever’s needed. Wishing won’t make it happen; organizing might.