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Let’s Remember The Schoolchildren US & Russian Bombs Are Killing, Too

Let’s Remember The Schoolchildren US & Russian Bombs Are Killing, Too

Juan Cole

The US-backed Saudi-led war on Yemen is keeping two million children out of school (Yemen is a country of 27 million). Worse, schools and schoolchildren have repeatedly been struck from the air by Saudi, UAE, Moroccan and Jordanian pilots using American-supplied planes and bombs, in a campaign backed by Washington and the Pentagon and the United Kingdom. The US military supplies logistics, refueling and targeting advice to the aggressors.

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Professor Cole, as always, represents the truth! The trump regime speaks hypocrisy, represents evil and the slaughter of innocents - the prime mover, along with their co-conspirator “allies”, in the daily slaughter of men, women and children in Syria, Yemen and elsewhere - without any shred of decency! The utter hypocrisy to shed crocodile tears for the Fla school slaughter and be directly responsible for the slaughter of tens of thousands of children and civilians is the height of contempt for world opinion - zero honor, zero integrity, zero empathy!

"More than 50,000 children in Yemen are expected to die by the end of the year (2017) as a result of disease and starvation caused by the stalemated war in the country, Save the Children has warned. … An estimated 130 Yemeni children are dying every day"


I now have a place where I write extensively on violence and the US being a country of violence.
https://medium.com/@jrallen1200 . I have been saying that children overseas being killed by US personnel, US weaponry, is really no different that children being killed here by US weaponry. It’s the pathology of a sick nation, here and abroad. We celebrate violence, enjoy violent movies, TV, games, etc., it’s everywhere we look. Our economy is over 50% devoted to the production of weapons and military excursions. Many jobs depend on military spending. I refuse to call it “defense” spending, it’s military spending. So for the US to get real on violence should start with the government and we know that won’t happen until after the coming collapse. Maybe then civilization, what’s left of it, if any, can rebuild on peaceful terms.


Registered Democrats, Republicans, and Independents “refuse” to believe their votes for Duopoly Politicians are in any way responsible for American Military murdering innocent men, women, and children all over the world.

Many have “unwittingly” done this their entire lives.

The only thing that I can believe is they lack the ability to intellectually link the two things, or, they just don’t care.

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Here comes neoliberal Juan Cole again conflating the international criminality of the US with the internationally legal action of the Russians. Globalists like Cole do not approve of nationalism of any kind, but the fact is that the only thing countering the geopolitical rampaging of the US Empire are nationalist struggles like the one is Syria. And don’t bother replying with, “But Assad is a (fill in the blank).” Hiding behind the fact that ALL STATES ARE VIOLENT and therefore not perfect is a convenient way of capitulating to the regime-change agenda of neoliberal globalism.

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