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Let’s Skip the War Part—and Go Right to Reparations


Let’s Skip the War Part—and Go Right to Reparations

Judith Schwartz

Thursday’s military airstrikes against pro-Syrian government forces barely made a dent in the unceasing news coverage of the political drama in the White House. This in itself reveals a discomfiting reality: bombing has become so routine we barely take note. In truth, our economy is addicted to war. Recall that the stock price of Raytheon, which makes the Tomahawk Cruise Missile, soared the day after the U.S. attack on Syria in April, Trump’s first foray into military aggression.


Excellent, insightful analysis.

It seems to be left up to ourselves to somehow organize, and unite, to effect the necessary changes mentioned, as our current Government has been sold out to, and is representing only the interests of the very Entities causing our problems.


All the things this author says will come to bear in the years ahead. She evokes a saner and far more sustainable world ahead. We either do these things or we continue to decline as a civilization and a species!

Good luck kiddies. The race is on for you all. Only a few years left of the Good Times and we will all begin to suffer. Maybe before then we can start to do as she says before it is too late.

There’s that thing >>> that by the time it gets so bad that everybody can see it for themselves it will likely be too late to keep it from getting much worse without dangerous technological experiments like shading the Earth from the Sun’s rays by sending up particulates into orbit. Non reversible if it goes wrong though!

These are the last of the Good Times, the years of bounty, of cool springs and tolerable summers.

It won’t be many more years before temperatures in summer start killing large numbers of people each year.

Good luck kiddies.


“We can debate the effectiveness of military strikes as policy…”

Actually, there is no debate about this. The many millions of tons of U.S. ordnance that have been devastating large parts of humanity and the Earth itself since the end of WW2 have failed to achieve stated “policy” goals.

The two exceptions are the giant nations of Granada and Panama which clearly fell to the U.S. global empire. WE’RE NUMBAH 1!!!

If progressives fail to understand that the political efficacy of bombing is not debatable, progressives have already lost the debate. It’s like the “debates” whether global warming is real or whether women and girls have the right to control their own humanity.


John D. Liu was involved in the restoration of the Loess Plateau, mentioned by Judy above. He and others are now leading an international effort to replicate that success in other parts of the world. Search for Ecosystem Restoration Camps on FB. (As a new user I apparently am not allowed to post links.)


Start with Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Agent Orange, Napalm, Millions of Tons of Bombs = Holocaust!


Just after the collapse of 08 I was in a coffee shop in Lovelock, NV. The area had voted 80% for bush in 2000 and 04. The old folks at the counter engaged me and my companion in conversation which turned to the economy. One said that what we need now is a new CCC. I almost fell off my stool. We all agreed. The local economy had benefited greatly from the work of the CCC. There were irrigation structures still in use 80 years later.
The CCC was one of the greatest crime prevention and habilitation projects in US history. In nine year it planted 3 billion trees, laid 20,000 miles of wilderness trais and employed 500,000 at risk youth. There are millions of unemployed youth in the world that would love to earn a little money while helping to ensure their and their children’s future. We need to work towards that goal.
When discussing the environment, I inform people that they can help three times a day just by chooseing the best foods to eat. Regenerative produced organic vegetables amd fruit and grass fed meat, dairy and eggs can do as much to reverse global warming as riding a bycicle to work. Maybe more. And it is healthy for the family and the planet.


But Panama did manage to struggle to get control of its own country.
WHO operates the Panama Canal Zone now? A Hong Kong company. It was to expensive for both the US and Panama to run.
And what happened to the quality of life in Panama? One the highest murder rates in the world, along with its Central American neighbors.


agreed, very cogent and insightful article.


Great to see FDR’s legacy given the honor it deserves.


STATED policy goals. Emphasis on a key word too many people leave out of their analysis.


Include Palestine, yes, Palestine for the Palestinians and Libya ----


Exactly. After the U.S. slaughtered thousands of civilians and destroyed what independent government it did have. Or are you suggesting that “those people” are incapable of democracy? OMG, the actually asked the Chine for aid, rather than the mad bombers from el norte. I suggest that you look at U.S. relations visa v the hemisphere since the the declaration of the Monroe Doctrine.


Exactly. The real policy goals are to increase global hegemony on behalf of corporations regardless of what happens to human beings.


Recalling that at the time Panama was ruled by military strongman Manuel Noriega. The US role in his having power, and in removing him can be discussed further in another post. No one misses him.

I just looked up the numbers. Panama has a rate of 17.2 murders per 100K population. That’s 5.5 * the US rate (although might be comparable to some inner cities), a bit higher than Nicaragua, much lower than Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. It is comparable to the rate, 17.0/100K, of Guyana, which the U.S. has never intervened in.

In GDP/capita, Panama is a little behind Chile, and ahead of Mexico, Venezuela, Nicaragua and several other nations.

In Economic Freedom Panama is ranked near France, Thailand and Trinidad and Tobago. Economic Freedom includes being able to open a business and not get hassled by corrupt government, and is correlated with improvements in quality of life.

Quoting the Readers Digest, “It pays to increase your word power.” That would be vis-à-vis.
– A fuller look at the Monroe doctrine would recognize that it was declared to stop European colonization and intervention in the Americas. The British sometimes helped. Most famously, the US helped the Mexican government of Juarez to resist and expel the French. The more recent past is complicated…