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Let’s Talk About Torture


Let’s Talk About Torture

John Kiriakou

The CIA’s torture-era leadership won’t repent. Even after the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence released its report saying in no uncertain terms that the CIA had tortured its prisoners, that torture was official U.S.


It’s apparent that to some especially wounded souls, violence is a habit. And as The Twelve Step manuals teach, facing one’s addiction requires inordinate moral courage… precisely what this band of goons lacks.

The Law of Karma is no respecter of persons. What goes around comes back around; and those who stood on the dark side and rationalized their inhumanity towards others will pay a price for that. It’s a universal law… even if it doesn’t show its fruit on a cynical observer’s time-line.

Another permutation to the “don’t ask, don’t tell” version of torture–as authorized from high places and passed on down the MIC line is that the Psychologists Association of America just came clean on its members’ role in this ungodly enterprise.

The book that would seek to justify torture is on a par with those that insist that the President (Bush) initiated the war against Iraq due to faulty intelligence. Although The Downing Street Memo made it apparent that a case was being FIXED for war regardless of the evidence, and that now–with hindsight providing a larger view of events—hundreds of scientists and engineers are calling into question the 911 event that worked as such a coincidental trigger for already-planned wars.

Liars may traffic IN lies and win support in high places; but their false witness does not cover up the Light of Truth.

To all those who countered the narrative of these hollow men with their lawless agendas and massive crimes against humanity, you remain on the side of the angels. And that includes you, too, Mr. Kiriakou… we share the same birthday. It’s tied into key world events, too.


Thank you, John, for this reminder to us of the torture and terror events during the past 12 years, authorized by our government, and funded by we the people, unwittingly, but still. We should not forget, and those who persuaded us away from the Bill of Rights, and the Geneva Conventions should come to public judgment.



You don’t do your arguments any favor by throwing in with the 9-11 Loose Change crowd ("… hundreds of scientists and engineers are calling into question the 911 event."), which claims that the WTC towers were brought down by controlled demolition with thermite charges. Those “hundreds of scientists and engineers” (and architects) are in a class with the “thousands of scientists and Nobel Prize winners” who allowed their names to be placed on a widely circulated letter denying anthropogenic global climate change. Bad science by bad scientists. Were the 9-11 attacks the “Pearl Harbor Moment” anticipated by the clique of powerful neocon foreign policy elites (which included Jeb Bush) known as the Project For a New American Century? Undoubtedly. Did the 9-11 Commission tell the truth? Absolutely not. Will we ever know the truth? Probably not. And it’s the American Psychological Association (APA), not the “Psychologists Association of America.” Is the APA guilty of aiding and abetting torture by the CIA? It’s a slam dunk- they confessed. I can do without the karma stuff. Not my style. But I like the rest. Everyone needs to support Mr Kiriakou and eventually, perhaps, the war criminals of the Bush/Blair neocon/neolib torture regime will be brought to some kind of justice. A long fall at the end of a short rope would be my preference.


Mr. John Kiriakou:
I want to thank you for your humanity and speaking out against our Government’s use of torture, something countless other cowards in your line of work couldn’t find the spine or balls to stand up and do- You have served unnecessary time in jail for this and that is A CRIME-
I am so glad to see that you are finally out and with your family- From what you have written in the past this was A major ordeal, A man of your intelligence being ruled over by A pack of insufferable idiots in our prison culture-
Being A Whistleblower is A thankless action, as I am all too familiar with- It shouldn’t be this way, but that is where we find ourselves-
To me you are an CLASS-A HERO and I am so interested in what you write and so happy that you have been released from prison-
Enjow your life as best you can John and don’t look back- You are still young and I just know you will be fine…
Your Friend- Stuart