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Let’s Talk About What We Really Want From Tax Reform


Let’s Talk About What We Really Want From Tax Reform

David Korten

The Trump/Republican tax cut proposal is an opportunity to discuss how to redistribute wealth and power.


I just read both this piece from David Korten and Joseph Stiglitz’s article - both in Common Dreams today, both excellent, thoughtful, timely and utterly maddening. Yes - the Republicans are corrupt, mad, fools and only care about holding power and making sure their masters get the lion’s share of wealth created in the U.S. and world. So, what else is new?
Simply writing and reading all this is completely insufficient. The issue is, what do we do about this. How can we light a fire under the Dems and the American citizens? How do we mobilize the vast majority of American CITIZENS to speak out, call, write, scream at their elected political “leaders” (what an oxymoron for most), how do we get virtually all American citizens of voting age to vote vote instead of sitting out, again. Have we come to the end of our senses? All who read these articles get it. What’s next, beyond writing and reading (certainly a good start - but that’s it - a start). If “A Better Deal” is the “battle cry” for the Dems, we’re fuc*ed.


The Democrats must embrace the moment and draft an alternative tax bill!

The Republican $4.2 trillion tax bill is sadism, greed, and chaos. Trillions are cut from Medicaid and Medicare; savage cuts are made to Head Start, SNAP, WIC assistance, food stamps, low income heating subsidies, Pell grants and HUD. Public policy must not be confused with a sledgehammer or a wrecking-ball.

The Republicans only seek to help multi-millionaires and corporations and totally ignore the bottom third. The middle third is wracked with Medicare .

Compromises, concessions, negotiations, and protections of workers and the environment are vital so everyone shares in the gains of productivity and technology. Banks must be saddled with the bill for the financial crisis as causal agents. Government of the people is different than government of the powerful. According to Sen. Jeff Merkeley on Facebook, 80% of the income gains go to the top 1%. Chaos happens when universities are unsure about October hiring after regulations are demonized.