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Let the Great Logo Race for Trump's Idiotic Space Force Begin...


Let the Great Logo Race for Trump's Idiotic Space Force Begin...

Jon Queally, staff writer

Supporters of President Donald Trump were invited by the "Trump Make America Great Committee" on Thursday to vote on their favorite logo design for the president's "ridiculous," "wasteful," and "idiotic" Space Force, but as it turned out many people across the Internet were unsatisfied with the choices provided.

And so began the great Space Force Logo Race of 2018.


Why not Bugs Bunny in the act of vanquishing Marvin the Martian? That would be my ideal Space Farce logo.


hadn’t thought about designing a logo but just yesterday i thought if #45 gives another state of the union address instead of “hail to the chief” the band might play “space cowboy.” my son likes “bring in the clowns” though.


How about a shiny blue globe with lots of cool mushrooms on it.


I’m neutral on the subject of logos, but I insist the uniforms have Y-U-U-U-U-GE epaulettes. Can’t take anybody seriously who doesn’t have bigly epaulettes, ya know…


While the humor is gratifying, the Defense Department MUST resist this effort.

NASA was founded, specifically, to explore space WITHOUT introducing weapons into that regime. It is a noble and honorable quest that has attracted other nations. For us to establish SPACE as a war zone–worthy of infesting with offensive weapons–is a violation of that original high ideal, and only invites other to emulate us, making world-wide destruction more likely in future.

I object to this entire idea of “Space Force,” especially since is was spawned by our new National Security Advisor, an avid war-monger of Trumpian proportions, citing the “wonderful public response this will produce for” Trump himself for the benefit of industrial war-mongers.


Anyone remember the scandal with artwork for Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”? The undersea palace had turrets that were obviously phallic. We need that artist to design the Space Force logo, IMO.


hopefully this works so you can all learn the new service’s anthem


Bolton is just quisling for the war profiteering, defense contractors, ( another Orwellian misnomer) as they are really war profiteering, offense contractors to defend the hubris, hegemony and fascism of the world wide American, Empire.


I read that the US needs Russian rockets to put our space stuff up there these days. So maybe the Russians will save us and refuse to sell them as part of their spat.


Reminder: the 1967 Outer Space Treaty makes the militarization of space illegal under international law. The US is a signatory to the Treaty. I haven’t yet heard any of the administration knuckleheads – or any MSNBC pundits, for that matter – explain that the creation of a Space Force would be illegal. Of course, it wouldn’t be the first time the US has flouted international law, but citizens should at least be informed of their folly.


It’s got my vote.


Treaty, we don’t need no stinking Treaty!! /s


Actually, NASA was founded by a “former” nazi, and had nothing what so ever to do with peace.


NASA and Israel Space Sign Agreement to Expand Cooperation