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Let the Peace Games Begin


Let the Peace Games Begin

Christine Ahn

The contrast between the two games couldn’t be starker. On the one hand, the world’s most technologically advanced militaries and weapons systems are deployed to practice combat. On the other, despite tremendous nationalist pressure to beat the other, athletes from North Korea and South Korea competed with each other peacefully, even gracefully, in the 2016 Olympic games.


If the U.S. spends half its "discretionary" budget on the Military Industrial Complex and it's the richest nation in the world; and if its private military suppliers, weapons designers, and arms merchants sell the majority of the world's weaponry, then a LOT of money is involved.

Were peace to be supported (or break out) it would put an end to this Nemesis that has its toxic tentacles reaching into virtually every land.

I make it a point to challenge the language frames that equate the PRIVATE sale of weapons by PRIVATE corporations with that made to seem commensurate with American citizens' interests. It is not.

The global trafficking in increasingly hostile weaponry makes no one safer.

It's also a fact that the MIC and its various theaters of full-scale destruction contribute substantially to both the loss of living ecosystems and that of global heating.

My point is that the problem is global. For too long, the archetype of the war god (along with its interests in spreading actual wars on this planet) has held dominance.

When enough people understand that it is the military MINDSET which constitutes the greatest threat to humankind AND the natural world and that so much investment in ways to kill does NOTHING to grant security, stability, or lives worth living... then this BEAST will be conquered.

Just as mothers teach children not to speak to strange men because as friendly as these pedophiles may pretend to be, their intent is lethal... the analogy can be applied to the military. It is not humanity's friend and when people trained to kill and taught to follow orders are told to one day point their weapons at their "own," then the true nature of investments in savagery becomes clear.

If a fraction of the $ spent on war, weapons, training soldiers, building and maintaining 1000 foreign bases were instead spent on bettering the lives of the poor--all over this planet--then the few at the top would not command trillions, but most citizens would have food, shelter, and the chance to pursue happiness.

Our world is controlled by barbarians who WANT war. If that were not the case, why would so much media be already working to push narratives so similar to those that have led to the recent destruction of at least 6 middle eastern nations?

Very dangerous, deranged people are at the wheel.

The knowledge of this may be sufficient to draw rebels and whistle-blowers from the fold... those who would mutiny by sending clamps into the machinery aimed at Massive Destruction.


Brava to you Ms. Ahn, for your work to reunite the two Koreas, torn asunder by war, and the betrayal of unification, largely due to superpower aims. The only ones benefiting from this continued sad separation of cultures, people and families are arms manufacturers and Cold Warriors of whatever ilk. The work of brave women from your Association is one way to help move Koreans out of those hands.


Yes. They WANT war and that the hard thing to come to grips with. Most people in this world do not want war. The vast majority in fact would prefer a world at peace. For that group of people it is very hard to understand the mindset of that much smaller group that in fact desire war and because of that many believe that if that small group speaks of going to war there must be some sane , rational and "good" reason for it.

There is none.

One of the ways that the 1 percent manipulates perceptions of war is to refer to Hitler and WW2 where it has been beat into the population that said war was a GOOD war of good against evil. It was no such thing. There are no good wars.

War is good for absolutely nothing.


"Korean leaders should shift their policies to reflect the desires of the Korean people for peaceful co-existence. "

While I have no doubt that the majority of South Korans want peaceful co-existence they are also responsible for electing the governments that they have. Including two consecutive Presidents who have taken a harsher line on North Korea after the failure of the Sunshine Policy.


"We are the same blood."

ALL humans are the same blood.


We can make a start today of turning away from that war-craving insanity. Citizen groups can demand that their city governments remove ALL statues in city parks glorifying war and war "heroes", and install statues glorifying joy and PEACE and PEACE HEROES, instead. The parks may seem a bit "naked" for awhile, and scrap yards across the nation would receive a sudden glut of old tanks and cannons and such, but before long the spirit of life and love would take hold. Would you rather sit in your park looking at an old cannon that reminds you of a dead uncle, or be inspired by a community sculpture built by a school shop or art class? Talk about it to your neighbors! Take our society back from our militarist captors.


I agree with you. However, I think the following bear mentioning:

  1. That a corporately captured media is in a very powerful position when it comes to repeating lies often. And what greater lie is there than convincing a People that they are under attack?

  2. The nature of the U.S. economy with its unions gutted, entire industrial sectors left to rot, and the rise of the new "uber" style (everyone defined as a private contractor) economy turns the military into a significant alternative (promising security) employer.

  3. The strategic elimination of all pro-peace voices from mass media, much of academe, and much of talk radio.

These 3 factors play a major role in why many people BELIEVE that the U.S. is under attack. Therefore, a percentage almost unquestionably supports military action.

And don't forget, the greatest trigger of all was a catastrophic False Flag... one sufficient to block out criticism and allow a President to utilize the Reptilian brain (fight or flight syndrome) in many to orchestrate wars that were literally waiting on the drawing board for the necessary trigger: The New Pearl Harbor.

Inside Jobs work as powerful motivational devices to those who wish to further the make-war agenda that is so profitable for THEM. And since the same groups that launch these typically control the press--that is its key Official Narratives, the truth doesn't get out to enough people. Those in positions of authority who might be sympathetic with that truth are punished severely if they dare to challenge the powerful players who have abused their authority.

The result is that the percentage that DOES see the truth is marginalized and doesn't have allies in positions of power--in the judiciary, congress, academe--with which to take effective action in reining in the corrupt elite players.

It's like Chelsea Manning--the moral soul--forced to wrestle with the immoral military over the matter of killing of civilians. How could Manning win justice in such a system? And with so many systems of power, economics, academics, media tied to the Military, the same conundrum applies to all decent citizens.

There IS no workable path to redress what the asymmetric systems of power have, over time (and through stealth and payoffs) acquired.

These days, those players also have acted preemptively via mass surveillance. They have the dirt on everyone... and will no doubt use it, if needed.


Authoritarian states use elections as rubber stamps.

When there are no established liberties or agencies to protect them, elections are done for show.

And the word is Koreans. You wrote Korans... (which is probably a subliminal Freudian slip that exposes your Trump-style views).


So please explain how the last two Korean elections were fraudulent?


And we will die all the same despite the 1% thinking they are exempt.


Simplistic minds look ONLY at mechanical results.

Until people study the socialization tactics used on a People, a mere superficial review of results (in this case, via elections) is meaningless.

But this level of analysis flies in the face of your surface level Talking Points.


So your answer is no. You have no evidence that the elections were fraudulent.

Thank You