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Let The Public Read The Completed Parts Of The Trans-Pacific Partnership


Let The Public Read The Completed Parts Of The Trans-Pacific Partnership

Dave Johnson

Basic facts about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) are under public dispute. Fast track must not be approved until this is cleared up. We the People deserve to know what is being voted on with fast track.

The Dispute

There is a big public dispute between President Obama and Sen. Elizabeth Warren over certain facts about the TPP. This dispute is hardly only between the president and Warren, it is about the effect TPP could have on all of our lives. This dispute is mainly over (but not limited to):


The time has come to invent a new government. The US has destroyed more democracies than any nation, it is a bad example of what happens when insecure people afflicted with insatiable want are considered leaders and models of success.

Real democracy has no secrets.


[quote=“Garrett_Connelly, post:2, topic:8601”]
Real democracy has no secrets.

When you sign a contract, you are supposed to know what you are signing. If you cant know what you have agreed to, then you haven’t really agreed to anything. The idea that populations of entire nations can be forced to abide by some agreement whose contents was actually kept secret from them ought to be preposterous. By rights, secret agreements should have no force whatsoever on people from whom the details were kept secret.


There are THREE pending trade deals, TPP, TISA, and TTIP. All three are in final negotiations. I suspect that Fast Track may intentionally be designed to hide the fact that US legislators almost certainly not only cant change them or influence them, thats why they hide them, and insist on just a yes or no vote. the fact is, if TPA (the US switch on corporate takeover) is approved, what i fully expect is some process will go on autopilot, and while telling us, nothing is happenng and dont worry, I suspect then a process will start irreversibly removing our rights to almost everything that involves our economic futures, safety, and ability to realize our human dreams, what will change is corporations will get new “inequal rights” to freeze laws- here is a trade glossary- thats called a “standstill” a freeze on anything involving profits- so that would include minimum wages and also any laws that impact profits could be challenged. Once the standstill kicks in, everything can only get more profitable for corporations, never less, or they get a right to demand compensation. Raise a minimum wage? They may get a right to demand that the governments- that taxpayers- pay compensation! Change a zoning rule? or even, simply tell an international corporation to do something dangerous differently? They can and do sue countries.

and TWO US bills, TPA, and TAA - which are US Laws, and US legislators can change but the TRADE DEALS THEMSELVES ARE, AS FAR AS I CAN TELL, LITERALLY IRREVERSIBLE once they kick in, and as far as I can tell, are perpetual, and designed with a ratchet - which is exactly what it sounds like, a trap.

Almost all Americans are confused about the fact that Trade deals are a complete system onto themselves ANOTHER SYSTEM - ABOVE DEMOCRACY, which means the President cant change them and the bills we write and vote for are ignored by the actual trade deals, also are “non binding” arguably on another planet and the text in trade deals also have a “Preamble” at the beginning which is also “non binding”

Why do their names all start with T?