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Let the Toilers Assemble


Let the Toilers Assemble

On this long weekend of beach and barbecue time, a moment to give thanks to the long struggle of a labor movement, born in heartfelt resistance, that won it for us. Read, listen and remember those fighting, then and now, for "a glimpse of something you're not allowed to see." And check out Bernie on a picket line. Because "this is what I do.”


I bet Bernie has heard Pete's singing at demonstrations many many times... like many of us have these many years.

Go Bernie... you do what we do... and as always we all do it together.

Is it okay people that one of us (from Brooklyn yet ...lol) become president? Can you adapt to the reality that it just might be possible that someone other than the powers that be can win the White House?

We better support our Bernie (he's the candidate marching alongside us in the crowd) because it could be close as the oligarchy mounts their attack. If Bernie doesn't get in and all you nay sayers are proved correct... who the f'k will give a damn because we are all f'ked big time then anyway.

So you all best start helping Bernie because he is way better than any and all the others... and if you don't help him win, you and me and all of us will truly wish he had.


Thank organized labor for:
A five day, 40 hour work week.
A higher pay rate for any work over that amount.
Less hazardous work places
The greatest economic stimulus ever as more highly paid workers spend their pay raises leading to greater demand, more jobs, and the increased recycling of money throughout the economy.
Higher wages for all workers.


Do you see Bernie in that photo Poet? Just asking?


Ha Ha!! That's a good one--touche' Wereflea!
By the way, did you see any difference he made?


Yeah... his being in that march... just had an effect on you.


Solidarity with all who labor! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZ731aR_SBY